Detox & Nutrient Cocktail Wimpole Aesthetics

My Visit to Wimpole Aesthetics for a Detox & Nutrient Cocktail

At the start of the year I paid a visit to Dr Joshua Berkowitz at Wimpole Aesthetics in the heart of London. I also met the lovely Robyn Mason who recently launched a new website to work in synergy with the existing practice called Flourish Health. We had such a jolly time talking of other things. Not shoes, ships or ceiling wax but jazz, safaris and tenor sax, engagement rings (or lack of them) and, of course, nutrition. We spoke a lot about nutrition. After all I was there to receive a massive dose of nutrients via intravenous – a detox & nutrient cocktail package to help me on my merry way this new year after the excesses of Christmas. I had such a lovely time in Dr Berkowitz’s and Robyn’s company that I didn’t actually want to leave however their other clients’ had to be seen to. I could have hogged them, their syringes and nutrients all day long had their schedules allowed!

Dr Josh Berkowitz Wimpole Street Aesthetics                                         Robyn Mason Wimpole Street Aesthetics 

After spending several years as a gynaecologist Dr Berkowitz set up practice on Wimpole Street. Whilst some of the treatments on offer are not for me. Botox? No thanks! But they do offer dermal fillers of Collagen and Hyaluronic acid bases, both of these ingredients are key to anti-ageing of the skin. So, I do have to admire the approach the practice has towards offering the least invasive/most holistic treatments possible and from conversations with Dr Berkowitz I know he always puts the welfare of his patients first not his bank balance!

What was in my Detox & Nutrient Cocktail at Wimpole Aesthetics

The main concoction I was fed in my IV drip was something known as a Myers’ Cocktail, named after its creator John Myers, a physician from Baltimore. It is a mixture of Magnesium, Calcium, B Vitamins and Vitamin C. Our bodies store Magnesium in the tissues however in this modern age the majority of us are super deficient in Magnesium because unlike our ancestors we don’t drink mineralised water from streams and wells and the foods that we eat are nowhere near as vitamin or mineral-rich as they once were due to overuse of the land for farming and many farmers overlooking best practice of crop rotation. Soil that’s less nutrient-dense will inevitably provide produce (be it fruit, vegetable or meat) that’s not as wholesome as it could be. Symptoms of magnesium deficiency can be subtle but varied and if left to manifest, fatal. Ranging from muscle aches, cramps and twitches, insomnia, PMS, fatigue, irregular heartbeat – the list goes on! It’s estimated that up to 80% of the population is deficient in magnesium however so many cases go undetected especially when the symptoms are so varied.  We inject magnesium in our house to ensure we keep our levels up, however, you can supplement or apply topically in an oil (be warned this can sting!) or even better add some magnesium salt to a heated foot spa and soak your feet for up to an hour.

I was also fed Glutathione through my IV drip which deserves a very special mention as it is an AMAZING chemical. If Carlsberg made antioxidants, they’d make Glutathione. Not only does this chemical cling on to toxins in the body and carry them through your system allowing your body to expel them, but it also recycles other antioxidants in your body allowing them to get on with fighting oxidative stress. Glutathione is an antioxidant powerhouse! Our bodies produce their own glutathione but you can assist it by ensuring you eat sulphur-rich foods such as garlic, onions and cruciferous vegetables and supplementing with ALAs, Selenium and Milk Thistle.

Detox & Nutrient Cocktail Wimpole Aesthetics

How I Felt After my Detox & Nutrient Cocktail

As I mentioned earlier, we inject magnesium at home but we also inject Vitamin B12 which gives you a pep up after you take it. I felt this effect after my treatment at Wimpole Aesthetics, my vision was clearer and sharper and I felt more alert and alive. The effect is different for everyone however and you may not feel any effect after your first treatment. It is also important to point out that this treatment is not about a quick fix to make you feel instantly better, it’s about nourishing your body from the inside to improve your health over a course of treatments.

More about Detox & Nutrient Cocktails at Wimpole Aesthetics

There are a variety of recognized intravenous regimes and nutrient cocktails to help detoxify your metabolic systems. They help to restore energy levels and vitality and can be especially useful for those who have a high total toxic load, or genetic issues related to detoxification. Most people will need a series of 4-6 treatment sessions which can be spaced to suit your energy and metabolic needs. Each session lasts about an hour. A basic IV treatment costs in the region of £150. An example of a basic IV might incorporate nutrients such as magnesium, the B-vits and vitamin C. Any detox/nutrient cocktail can be tailored to suit the individual and bolt-on nutrients such as glutathione can be added at a cost of £30 – £50 per nutrient.

A course of 6 IV treatments costs from £600.

Visit  or call 020 7224 2247 to find out more about their Detox & Nutrient Cocktail treatments!

Detox & Nutrient Cocktail Wimpole Aesthetics