We’ve been rather spoilt of late when it comes to treats in the office. First, we were sent some rather scrumptious iQ Superfood Chocolate which tastes so good thanks to the utilisation of a rare Peruvian Criollo Bean. The bars are made from the cacao beans in their pure form – no roasting, no baking, no scorching; no freckles. All beans are fermented at source, before being ethically transported to iQ HQ deep in the Scottish countryside. The bars are sweetened with just organic coconut blossom sugar. We love their mantra –

Be Healthy, Be Happy, Be Ethical 

The Superfood Chocolate contains several minerals –

Magnesium – needed by every cell in the human body, magnesium slows down the ageing process by stabilising DNA & RNA. It’s also a hormone balancer and plays an important role in the moisture levels in skin and also skin elasticity

Phosphorus – needed for cellular repair, healthy bone formation, healthy teeth and gums, and hormone balance

Copper – aids in the production of collagen and elastin.

Manganese – a free radical fighter needed for maintenance of bones, absorption of calcium, healthy thyroid function, regulation of blood sugar levels and fat and carb metabolism.

The iQ Superfood Chocolate chaps

were very generous and sent us a good selection of flavours –

BeautiQ – 70% Peruvian Cocoa enriched with Sea Buckthorn & Orange, creating a delicious chocolate orange flavour.

iQ Superfood Chocolate with Orange and Wild Raspberry, the orange and berry flavours cut through the rich 71% Peruvian Cocoa

MilQ – finally a guilt-free Milk Chocolate. I tried a little of this but I put it to the test properly on Mr BB. Personally, I prefer the complex flavours of dark chocolate, but he is a milk choc chap through and through. This bar passed its taste test with flying colours, although I think Mr BB would have appreciated a bigger bar!

YogiQ – another 71% cocoa bar enriched with Ginseng and Ginger for those times when you need a boost, be it to get through the later hours in the office, or through your yoga class!

Espresso Kick Coffee– 70% Peruvian Cocoa with coffee beans. Probably my favourite flavour wise out of all the bars (although that’s a very tough call)!

Plush Peppermint – a proper push mint chocolate, made with 72% Cocoa beans and organic peppermint oil. The funny thing is, when it comes to choc mint/mint choc, I always think I don’t like it but actually I really really do!

The range is Ecocert certified organic and although not the biggest bars, the price tag is reflective of this. The iQ chocolate bars retail for just £2.49! Considering I’ve paid between £4 and £5 for smaller raw chocolate bars, the price tag is an easier one to swallow and doesn’t leave a bitter taste!

The products are available to buy online at www.iqchoc.com and all good health stores nationwide including Whole Foods and Planet Organic, my local health store Bumblebee, and are even stocked in Selfridges!