Infrared Iyashi Dome

Anyone who enjoys a sauna will love the Infrared Iyashi Domes just like I do. Since I started using them I have lost weight and toned up. I’ve been going once or twice a week but it’s not just for the aforementioned benefits I go, there are so many more!

The difference between this treatment and a sauna if that the infrared rays penetrate deep under the skin (some 40mm) which starts a deep cleanse from within and your body perspires a tremendous amount and as your body breaks down fats and toxins a large volume of these are eliminated through your sweat. In half an hour your body burns around 600 calories and the session has the same effect as running some 20km only without the stress.

Infrared Iyashi Dome

The domes are also a great help at kick-starting the metabolism, I noticed mine increase after only a couple of sessions. My skin was also clearer due to the elimination of toxins. After a treatment, you feel a great sense of wellbeing and my stress levels were certainly reduced. I frequently have tension in my shoulders and back and this has been significantly less frequent since I started with the Iyashi Dome treatment. It’s important to drink a lot of water before and after the treatment to replace any lost fluid your body needs. If you suffer from water retention the domes also help you to lose that excess fluid.

My Detox Diet can be found downstairs in one of my favourite little independent health stores – Alara, 58 – 60 Marchmont Street, London, WC1N 1AB and was founded by nutritionist Ilona Wesle and beauty spa expert Susanne Koellner. As well as offering the Infrared Iyashi domes there is a wide selection of detox juices and diets, ranging from the two day Alkalise Detox to the BIG Challenge – 30 Day’s supply of detox food along with 4 sessions in the Iyashi Dome. I’ve yet to try one of the detox diets but when the time comes and I am feeling the need I will definitely seek Ilona’s advice. In the meantime, the domes seem to be doing it for me! This does not mean I am neglecting my diet, I am eating very sensibly; well balanced and organic high-quality food.

My Detox Diet has very kindly offered all Biteable Beauty fans a 2-for-1 offer on the Infrared Iyashi Dome session. This usually costs £110 but if you quote Biteable Beauty when booking in you will get them half price at £55 for two sessions. Visit for more information on the Infrared Iyashi Dome and My Detox Diet.