This is the last post in my Caribbean series, and I think it quite apt that just 12 hours from the time I publish this post, I’ll be stepping on a plane and jet-setting off to the Greek island of Kea for a week. My friend is getting married out there so we thought we’d tie our summer holiday in with it. I need to keep my holiday health with my favourite products! No doubt I’ll be packing some of the best natural and organic beauty products to put to the test whilst away, I hope I can find a suitable location to shoot them all!

I’m rounding off the Caribbean series with my holiday health helpers. Those products I always pack without fail to help minimise the risk of illness and digestive discomfort.

Holiday Health Favourite Product #1: Dr Bronner’s Magic Organic Lavender Hand Sanitizer

To be fair, I take this product with me pretty much everywhere. It’s normally in my handbag and I always have one on my desk. As you know, it’s important to keep your hands clean at all times, and when travelling on an aeroplane there are so many people in such a small space all with various strains of germs that we’re not otherwise used to (i.e. they’re alien to our environment!) This is why it’s quite common for people to pick up a small virus on planes.

Dr Bronner’s Magic Organic Lavender Hand Sanitizer is 59ml, so is quite alright for taking on board aircraft. It’s made with 62% organic Ethanol, water, Glycerin and organic Lavender. Suitable for use on all the family, and antibacterial without the use of Triclosan, Benzalkonium Chloride, Petrochemicals, Parabens or Fragrance. It’s also important to point out that alcohol used in other antibacterial hand products may be produced from GMO corn.

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Next up is not a health helper per se, but a really interesting tanning assistance supplement.

Holiday Health Favourite Product #2: Arkopharma’s Phytobronz

This is a supplement designed to be taken for a week before you go away, a capsule a day, and then one a day whilst you are on your sunny summer holiday. It contains natural Carotenoids, Vitamins, Argan, Borage and Sesame Oil and Phytoperine. These ingredients help the skin to prepare its defences best against pigmentation, ageing and sun damage. It’s ideal for preparing the sun for some tanning, whilst also helping protect your skin whilst you are away.

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Arkopharma-PhytoBronz-Holiday-Health-Essentials Next up, another product I don’t really leave home without…

Holiday Health Favourite Product #3: Unbeelievable Health Bee Prepared Daily Defence Immune Support Formula

I swear by this product and take it religiously pretty much all year round! It’s great for strengthening immune systems, hay fever and more! Start to take a month before going away to help keep viruses at bay.

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Holiday Health Favourite Product #4: Actibiotic ActiMint

In just two small square ActiMints there are 150 Billion Lactobacillus Acidophilus, and the mints are coated to aid with the absorption of the probiotics. The mints have the added benefit of containing prebiotics, are sweetened with Xylitol and have the added bonus of freshening breath with Peppermint Oil.

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Next up, recently blogged Terranova Life Drink

A multivitamin and more in one handy sachet. Also contains – balanced vegetable protein, power-greens, power-berries, power-mushrooms, omega 3-6-9 oils, prebiotic fibre, 5 probiotic strains, 7 digestive enzymes and rich bran actives.

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For anyone who needs extra support with gut health, I cannot recommend Jarrow Formulas Ultra Jarro-Dophilus 50 Billion Probiotics highly enough. As you can tell from the title each capsule contains 50 Billion Organisms per capsule of 10 different strains from 3 different genera. Each capsule is coated with a gel matrix to protect the probiotics through their transit through the gut, so that they might end up where they are supposed to be – in the intestine.

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Finally, when stepping on that plane, don’t forget a packet of tissues to catch your germs, and protect you from others!