Gifts for… Tea Lovers

Last year I came across so many speciality teas that are absolutely delicious I thought it only fair to share these wonderful finds. I am a MASSIVE tea fan, however, for now, I’ve given up traditional tea (and coffee too) after going on a 10-day detox (the maple tree syrup regime, review of that to come soon!) Since discovering so many delicious herbal teas I’ve been getting by just fine. I’m sure I’ll be enjoying a traditional English Breakfast Tea with my English Breakfast over the festive period but for now, I am going to continue being a very good girl. After all, doesn’t that mean Santa brings me everything I want for Christmas?! Whilst on the subject of detoxes, loving tea and being a good girl – anyone who loves tea and is looking for a detox that isn’t quite as hardcore as the maple tree syrup one should check out my blog post about the Attic Teatox.

It’s a Pukka Life

I’m starting with the herbal tea brand that everyone is most likely to have heard of, Pukka. Pukka do some excellent teas and I always make sure my tea tin has an ample supply. My favourites include – Harmonise (a balancing blend for women), Revitalise (an excellent warming herbal blend, perfect for this time of year!), Night Time (a lovely sleepy time tea that works!), Liquorice & Cinnamon (rich and tasty!) and Love (a heart-warming blend). But have you ever wondered about the principles behind these teas? Why the certain herbs and flowers are blended together to create a tea that has a certain effect on your body and why it works? If you have then may I suggest a beautiful book for you – It’s a Pukka Life by Sebastian Pole. It’s taken me a while to get round to reading this book as it’s hardback (which in my opinion makes it a better book to gift!) and I tend to do pretty much all my reading on the go. But the past couple of weeks my bag has been that little bit heavier carrying this Ayurvedic introduction around with me. The book aims to help readers find perfect health and happiness through the complete system of knowledge that is Ayurveda, a practice that dates back to at least 1500BC (this is the earliest documentation of the practice) and combines physical health, mental balance, spiritual well-being, relationships and environment.

A Pukka Life is divided into seven chapters that each relate to a specific area of wellbeing –

  • Constitution; this section explains the three different doshas – body and mind types in Ayurveda, and has a series of questions that the reader answers the results of which suggest their dosha type. Having visited Ayurveda Pura day spa I already knew that I was tri–doshic but that my Pitta dosha had become imbalanced and this was reflected in the answers to my questions.
  • Nourishment; covers food’s role in life and society, the digestive system, tastes, food groups and dietary requirements for the different doshas
  • Cleansing; deals with the Ayurvedic concept of Ama, toxins and how to avoid them, detoxing and daily ways to balance your constitution
  • Rejuvenation; in this chapter immunity, energy, medicines, the heart, rejuvenating paths, plants, and personal plans are all covered
  • Strength & Stillness; covers relaxation, meditation, mind/body balance, the Ayurvedic view of stress, addiction, yoga, massage and meditation, as well as self-practice of these three forms
  • Ecology; a lovely chapter all about our connectivity with mother earth, the plants and animals on it, and the seasons
  • Relationship; mostly about love but also deals with work, equality and prosperity, and life and death
At the end, there is a Pukka larder of ingredients which explains the effects the various foods have on the doshas, and a glossary which helps readers with terms they might otherwise be unfamiliar with. The book is written by Sebastian Pole, an experienced practitioner and founder of Pukka Herbs. It’s packed with philosophical insights, dietary and nutritional information, massage and rejuvenation plans, meditation and yoga exercises, as well as the Pukka larder, an appendix of herbs and their benefits.

Available from £14.99 A Pukka Life

I’ve also just spotted a new tea flavour from Pukka which I can’t wait to try – Peppermint & Liquorice – especially as 20p from every pack sold goes towards helping WWF (the nature charity not the wrestlers!) with their global work to protect endangered animals around the world.

 Teapigs – I’m a Pig for their Teas!

I have to admit, when I first saw these teas I thought “HOW MUCH?!” but once you’ve tried them you taste why these teas command so much money! We are currently filling our tea trough with Teapigs Tummy Tonic Peppermint Tea and Lazy Days Lemon and Ginger Tea You never realised Peppermint Tea could taste so good. It’s bursting with minty flavour due to the clever folks at Teapigs’ insistence that the whole peppermint leaf is used. This keeps the flavour fresher and stronger for longer. The Lemon and Ginger Tea is perfectly balanced, the lemon refreshing and the ginger the perfect hint of zingy-ness! I can’t wait to try this tea over ice in the summer!

Teapigs have an excellent array of Christmas gifts that I’ve just come across and there are so many flavours that I can’t wait to try – I’ve heard great things about their Matcha Tea but for a Christmas stocking filler I’d recommend the Spiced Winter Red Tea or perhaps a mix’n’match sampler – I’m about to order myself one of these now! There are some really stylish tea vessels, I’d say pots but they’re more like carafes!

All available from

Camellia’s Tea House

Ever since picking up a Beautiful Skin Tea at a show I’ve been meaning to pay Camellia’s Tea House in Carnaby Street a visit, I’ve just not found the time as yet! Camellia’s Teas are really special – Artisanal, pure and designed using homeopathic and herbal medicine principles as inspiration. I love how pretty the blends actually look, you can find whole flowers and leaves aplenty in them. The Beautiful Skin tea contains a base of Dandelion and Chickweed, two powerful detoxifiers, along with Aloe Vera which helps these ingredients penetrate deeper into the skin and work their magic. Beautifully packaged, these would make a perfect stocking filler. As well as the Health Blends (which is where Beautiful Skin tea is located) there are Classic Fusions (Black, White, Green and Oolong), Exotic Fusions (there’s even a Christmas Tea!) and a beautiful selection of teapots, infusers and accessories.

All available from

Løve Organic? Løv Organic Teas!

In Scandinavian, Løv means “leaf”, but in English it’s almost love. Løv creates delicious and innovative teas that come packaged in eco-friendly boxes. I’m currently enjoying the Løv is Beautiful blend which is a blend of white, green and rooibos tea with real fruity pieces of Mango, Pineapple and Peach with a dash of real Apricot flavour to finish. Personally, I don’t usually enjoy fruity teas very much, but this tea is really refreshing and tasty. Løv teas also have their own gift selection boxes, perfect gifts for any time of year1

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