I came across this item at the Holistic Health Show in Birmingham and was intrigued. It is a tubular garment made out of ribbed super soft cotton which you wear around your abdomen, folded over twice, based on a traditional Japanese garment worn to maintain warmth and well being. You can wear it either directly next to the skin or as an outer garment.

The literature that accompanies the Haramaki claims it has a lot of uses and benefits – “aid digestion, ease menstrual cramps, support during and post pregnancy, to induce more restful sleep, or during sports and outdoor activities to avoid chills.” By keeping the abdominal organs warm, the haramaki “helps the body distribute warmth and energy all-round. Circulation is improved, so even hands and feet feel warmer.”

First, I tried it out whilst sleeping. Alas, this did not work out for me and I am not really sure why I thought it would as I am always too hot in bed! I did wear it to mooch around in though and felt relaxed and comfortable. I wore it when I had a tummy ache and there was something soothing about having this simple garment cocooning my core. The main reason I got this garment was for the 100km Trailwalker Challenge I wrote about in my previous post as when I read about it prevent chills during sports and outdoor activities which minimises stress caused to the body. I wore it throughout the night, as the temperature dropped fairly low and combined with the damp there was a chill in the air. It was so practical as it did kept all of me toasty warm, including my hands and feet, and was incredibly lightweight at the same time. I will definitely be taking this on all future camping trips and it will become part of my festival staple wardrobe – it’s bright green so will fit in perfectly with my usual attire. And of course, when the time comes I’ll let you know how supportive it is of my bump!

Haramaki The Original Japanese Tummy Wrap