I really am cleaning out my blog-set at the moment. This post has been on the to-do list for quite some time now! I’ve long since used all the Detoxology Foot Patches but I still have some Sleep Patch-Its. I believe I picked up a second box from somewhere. There has been much debate given to whether these footpads actually work, and I for one am still not sure. Yes, the Detoxology Foot Patches did change colour, but was this done to just the perspiration meeting the herb contents of the pads?  And the Sleep Patch-Its, well it’s difficult for me to assess as I do sleep very well bar a couple of weeks of unrest recently. Mr BB, who is cynical about these kinds of products, did claim to have slept better the few times he tried them. Whether it was related or not I don’t know, unless you are doing some kind of clinical trial it is impossible to say – too subjective! There are too many factors that come into play.

That having said, the skin on the feet has a lot of sweat glands, and this means transference happens more easily of things through the skin. That’s why I have Magnesium foot baths weekly. So, perhaps the drawing agents in these pads do have some effect on toxins in the body, and the essential oils of the Sleep Patch-Its do enter the body and aid sleep, I would say however not to solely depend upon these products for anything! Read Dr Mercola’s take on footpads here; as with most things, much boils down to the ingredients used. Mercola mentions a 9-year-old fermented Bamboo Vinegar, and whilst there is Bamboo Vinegar in these products, whether it has been fermented for 9 years I simply don’t know!


Crystal Spring Detoxology Foot Patches

These footpads warm your feet through the night so making them sweat more, and toxins are released in sweat. The toxins then react with the sweat and toxins contained within the footpads, turning them brown so when you peel them back the next day you can see the effect. The foot patches do contain two good drawing agents – Wood and Bamboo Vinegar, to help draw out impurities. There’s also Green Tea, which as we know has powerful antioxidant properties, Tourmaline, a crystal with cleansing and liberating energies, which also releases negative ions and far infrared rays to heat the feet. When I woke up after wearing these, the pads had turned brown, however, I have since seen a video where these pads are run under water and turn brown. It is a chemical reaction that occurs, however, is it actually detoxing the body, who knows?!

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Patch-It Sleep

These sleep patches have similar ingredients to the Detoxology Foot Patches – Mandarin Wood Vinegar, Tourmaline, Green Tea, but also essential oils that are related with relaxation and sleep – calming Lavender, de-stressing Bergamot, soothing Bitter Orange, comforting Sage, harmonising Basil and regenerative Ylang Ylang.

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