Floatworks Floatation Tank

It took me a while to get back to Peter at Floatworks when he invited me to come and check out Floatworks, a floatation tank centre situated a few minutes walk from London Bridge station. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to experience this amazing sensation, something that I had experienced just once before, it was more a matter of when I could fit it in. The first quarter of the year is always crazily busy with planning for the year ahead and what with all the shows of March and April there’s very little time for such luxuries! But after the session I regretted not having made time for this sooner.

Preparation for Floatation Tank Experience

I had a little chat with Peter on the phone when I was booking in and he talked me through a few things. Firstly he advised me that a floatation tank is a very unusual environment and experience and that the concept of floatation tanks is to create a space with no distraction. With so much going on in my head I was hopeful that I would be able to immerse myself in the water and be able to just be – have an hour where I was not thinking about anything at all. He warned me that I might bring distractions within myself – such as my mindset, chemical and digestive distractions. To minimise the likeliness of this Peter recommended the following steps for preparation –

  1. try not to be in a rush to the session and to be as relaxed as possible so your mind is as calm and still as possible
  2. avoid any stimulants prior to the session – caffeine, alcohol etc.
  3. don’t come too full up but also don’t come too hungry

This experience is designed to give your nervous system a complete REST (Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy) – a chance for everything to shut down and switch off. As Peter says “it’s about doing nothing, expect nothing and you may be pleasantly surprised.” Some people find the experience relaxing, others boring, others are too anxious to lay in the dark and so they keep the lights on or the door open. It’s quite usual for people to lose track of the time whilst doing nothing in the tank, and if this happens it means you’ve truly shut yourself down. Peter also advises that if your mind is racing or wandering don’t get into a battle with it, just accept it and embrace it. Inside the tank the warm water is extremely salty, with 500kg of Epsom salts inside. For this reason it is advisable not to shave or wax on the day or the day before the treatment as it might sting.

Biteable Beauty’s Floatation Tank Experience

I arrive at the Floatworks centre in good time, having taken Peter’s advice to not be rushing during the day before the session. The waiting room is very relaxing, I’m sitting on a comfy sofa watching fish swimming in an aquarium when Peter introduces himself. He leads me to my floatation tank room which has the latest model of floatation tanks in it. After showing me the ropes, or should I say buttons, he leaves me to undress, shower and slip into my warm, wet and dark cocoon. I had a slight issue whereby I couldn’t work out how to close the pod! There’s no button for that, you have to do it manually! I rang the assistance bell thinking this might be the button, however Peter came to my rescue telling me through the door that I had to shut it myself! Once I was in, I closed the lid, the relaxing music began to play and I turned the lights off. Unless requested, the music only plays at the beginning of the treatment. The music is a tool to help people relax, switch off and focus on doing nothing. It works a treat for me and soon I am laying there living in the moment and not thinking about anything. No work tasks, social events, things to organise, it’s all gone and it’s just me in this wonderful, warm, peaceful darkness.

Floatworks Floatation Tank Experience

I love floating in the sea or swimming pool when on holiday – I find it truly relaxing. This is a similar experience only the salty water means you don’t have to concentrate on staying afloat. Several times I find my head dropping backwards, I’m so relaxed that I am falling asleep in the floatation tank! When I’m not falling asleep I use the simple meditation practice of looking to my third eye so I can focus on nothing but myself and this very moment. For me the hour seems about an hour although I wasn’t particularly focusing on the time. At the end of the treatment the music comes back on and the lights inside the tank too, this is your cue to wrap up your floatation tank experience. I open the pod up and take a shower in the corner of the room which is stocked with Faith in Nature Aloe Vera products. I’d not tried any of the Aloe range before and I was pleased with how they left both my skin and hair. You can read my Pomegranate Faith in Nature feature here. After I’ve dried myself down and dressed, I move to the dressing rooms where I sit for a while and take on board plenty of water. I feel amazing, the best I’ve felt in a long time. The effects of an hour in the floatation tank are akin to a 10 day holiday in Barbados. My shoulder feels better than before and I have a spaced out feeling in my mind. My brain has been cleaned and focused thanks to an hour of nothingness. My thoughts are clear and concise and there is no other noise in the background, the racing mind has been halted, for now. That evening, instead of returning home and continuing with work for a few hours (which is the norm on most days if I’m honest) I enjoy a nice relaxing evening with good food and a movie. Blissed out, I sleep like a baby that night and don’t wake up till morning.

Faith in Nature at Floatworks Floatation Tank

Definitely going to keep up this treatment at Floatworks, my energy levels felt higher for the few days that followed so I am now looking into a platinum membership where I can go once a week throughout the year. Have you experienced a floatation tank before? If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts on them so why not leave a comment below, Facebook Biteable Beauty or tweet me @biteablebeauty

Biteable Beauty visited Floatworks in London Bridge – 1 Thrale Street, London SE1 9HW +44 (0) 20 7357 0111 Here’s a poster from the place about all the great things that can happen to you whilst in it!

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