After the last session I could tell how much my body had strengthened up, my muscles didn’t feel dull, tired or achy the next day.  I’ve also noticed that my common back complaints (I tend to get aches in my left shoulder and back) had completely gone away, I believe because of the improved strength in muscles not targeted through my other activities.

Today’s session was focused more on cardio than previous sessions, which I found interesting and exciting. The instructor was not one I’d seen before, but she was fun and kept the whole group motivated for the exercises.  All the instructors are really good at communicating with all members of the class and making sure everyone maintains their “can do” attitude.

So I found myself using a medicine ball and doing fluid side squats off the plate, alternating leg lunges at speed and leg extensions all at high intensity which really got the heart pumping.  I could feel I’d worked hard and felt invigorated as I left pumped and ready to face the day.