To say my legs were fatigued the day after my last session would be a massive understatement. I was walking like John Wayne for the next couple of days and every little step was accompanied by that “ooh, ow, I worked hard yesterday” satisfying pain. Yes, I openly admit I am a bit of a sadist.

Feeling the benefits of these sessions already – I’m not talking about the pain here, I’m talking about the energy, focus and well being, that the power plates are filling me with. I, therefore, wasted no time in booking in for my next session.  This time it was back to a group session, this time with Maddy.  I was starting to think that each class was tailored to fit in with my previous class and to suit my level of fitness, disregarding the other group members, as the legs were not worked too hard this time. No, this session was mostly about the arms and core.  We did planks, press ups going into single arm side planks, narrow press ups to work the triceps and abdominal crunch style poses turning into pulses to feel the burn!

I leave feeling like I’ve worked hard, and that tonight as I review the situation in the mirror, I think that maybe I have toned up a bit and the lumpy bits on my thighs are slightly diminished already.