I never thought I would see the day I would be interested in a book called “Get Running” due to my extreme dislike of running itself. But I decided to give it another go, especially after reading some comments on the internet about how we all have an association of running with school and being forced to do cross country as a “surprise” instead of our favoured hockey/netball/football/rugby. One key reason for choosing running over joining the gym this January was my beloved dog, Mimi. Whilst I would undoubtedly prefer the variety of the gym (being able to mix it up with the treadmill/bike/cross trainer/rowing machine and the accessibility of the free weights/body suspension equipment) this does not equate to quality time with the pooch or quality exercise for her (and we’d both become somewhat squishy and sedentary of late).

Matt Roberts - Get Running

Matt Roberts is a former international sprinter and now is a personal trainer to the stars. The book is excellently presented and has an introduction to running which covers everything from the history of running to breathing techniques, running attire to self-assessment of your body for running (a series of tests to highlight any weak areas you may need to work on). Following on from the intro is an “Up and Running” section which contains handy warm up and cool down exercises, along with diet tips, common injuries/complaints to watch out for and a handy guide to using a foam roller to massage out any knots or tension in your body. I have not yet invested in a foam roller, however, a physio friend of mine once advised me to use a rolling pin on my tight hip flexor and this seemed to work well enough for me!

The final section is made up of training programmes. I opted to start on the buildup to 5km. This is a nice and easy start and in the first two weeks, you are not expected to run more than 25 minutes at a slow steady pace. There are also rest days built in to help your body recover and come back to train harder. At first, on these rest days, I was doing just that, resting in bed that hour longer! However once the run became part of my routine, I found myself getting up daily and on the supposed “rest” days just not pushing myself as hard.

The verdict, well let’s see if I can keep it up, but I’m feeling more energised, I’ve lost weight and toned up in a short space of time and so has Mimi! I did “Get Running” now we must see if I can “Stay Running”. Thankfully Matt’s book comes equipped with advice as to what to do if you hit a training wall. If you decide to “Get Running” this new year, or any other new and interesting physical activity for that matter, I’d love to hear from you!

Available from amazon.co.uk Get Running by Matt Roberts