I’m always up for trying new things, and so whilst researching cellulite combat I discovered that the power plate chain Movers & Shapers claimed to “combat cellulite” whilst also improving muscle tone, strength, accelerating weight loss and improving overall health and well being. And all in two thirty minute sessions a week. It’s a no-brainer really isn’t it?

So I called them up and booked in for my first session. After my quick physical check, which ascertained I was slightly overweight, my % of body fat slightly too high but my pulse and blood pressure all fine, it was time to get on with the class. Now, when I mentioned new things, I must admit I had a brief encounter with power plates several years ago when they first came over here and one appeared at my local gym. I had a briefing on it with one of the gym assistants and I doubt they were trained extensively in use of the equipment, as I didn’t feel anything from the very few sessions I had.

The session itself went really well. I didn’t feel tired but energised after it, nothing was beyond me in the class and I accomplished all the various exercises with considerable ease. I did however feel the vibrations going right through my head, which was a very weird sensation, quite unpleasant but I figured I’d get used to it.