So, despite not feeling the first session at the time, the next day my body felt as though I had worked out hard, excellent, and all in half an hour. As M&S say in their advertising, “who has time to go to the gym any more?” I certainly don’t at the moment and I really miss the exertion!

When I arrived for my second session, this time with Idi, I was advised that I was the only person booked in so it would be a 1 on 1. At the time I was feeling quite pleased that I would have all the attention…  Idi worked me so hard though! In retrospect, I am pleased she pushed me as I felt I got so much out of the session. The killer exercise of the day was the lunges, held in a static position at first and then pulsing for the last 20 seconds. My right thigh couldn’t hack this, I had to give up. Disappointed in my right thigh, I made sure my left thigh saw out the intense 60-second workout.

The good thing about power plates is that the maximum length for an individual exercise is 60 seconds so as long as you are not completely out of shape you will be able to sustain the activity through to the end of the countdown. In my group session, I noticed some people were struggling with press ups, however after all the pole dancing, softball and racquet sports I have partaken in over the years, I have an almost abnormal strength in my upper body, which was noted by Idi.

Idi shared with me a valuable piece of information this session which meant I need not suffer the uncomfortable head vibrations any more; never lockout or even straighten your knees completely.