Hello my beauties and welcome to another new regular feature on Biteable Beauty. First, we had Wellness Wednesdays and now joining WW is Fitness Fridays. I’ve been meaning to write about several physical activities I’ve tried out for a while now and so I’ve created this slot for me to do just that. I’m also partly committing to this public display of my activity levels to encourage myself to get out there and do more exercise thus get fitter – I can hardly write content if I’m not experiencing sports and exercise now can I?! If you have an activity or sport you would like me to try, I’d love to hear from you so why not leave a comment below, message me on Facebook or Tweet me @biteablebeauty

Why Trampolining?

I thought I’d start off with an exercise that most of us will have done at some point, some of us will have enjoyed it and it’s something that’s easy enough to do! I used to love going on the trampoline at fairs and on holiday, then later on actually in my PE lessons at secondary school and would you believe I even joined the trampolining club. Not that I was ever that good at it – if I remember correctly swivel hips, backdrop and the beginning stages of a front drop were as far as I ever got – but I sure as hell enjoyed it! And that’s just it – exercise should be fun! It should be something you look forward to doing rather than something you view as a chore. If you don’t take any pleasure from your fitness regime, how are you going to keep it up? The answer’s simple – you won’t! It’s difficult enough with our busy schedules to find time to exercise so the last thing we need is an extra reason not to do it.

But are there any Health Benefits of Trampolining?

Something that much fun can’t give that much in return in the health stakes right? Wrong! Trampolining is a proper cardiovascular workout, it raises your metabolic rate considerably and NASA reckon that a 10-minute bout on the trampoline is equivalent to a half hour jog in terms of aerobic exercise!  Unlike jogging bouncing on a trampoline is a low impact activity, which means it’s easy on your joints and can even help to strengthen our bones and joints. It also encourages our lymphatic system to cleanse and clear itself whilst also getting the oxygen flowing through our bodies – no need for those lymphatic drainage massages, and the action even gives you a facelift. I’ll explain why in a moment, but just think of trampolining as a beauty and fitness multi-tasker! It isn’t just your face that is lifted by trampolining, the action exercises and strengthens every single cell in your body! This is because although at the top of every jump you are momentarily weightless once you hit the trampoline each and every cell within your constitution is 2-4 times heavier than usual. This makes them all want to collapse into mush on the trampoline surface, however they don’t and this resistance makes them all the stronger for it!  If we’re talking toning of particular muscle groups, trampolining focuses primarily on the core, as you have to keep yourself straight, but the moment you impact on the trampoline your glutes, butt and hamstrings absorb the energy from that contact and the transference of this energy powers you into the air upon release.


Biteable Beauty on a Trampoline, Trampolining

Anyone who knows me knows that I like to have a lot of fun. Trampolining is a lot of fun. It releases the inner child in people and there are different levels of risk I like taking risks! Cautious creatures can stick to the bounce in the middle. Those who like to be a little adventurous can try out the traditional tuck, pike, straddle moves whilst the daredevils can satiate their hungry spirit for danger with backdrops, front drops and even somersaults. Unfortunately my trampoline is not quite big enough for the daredevil manoeuvres, however, I think somersaults would be best learnt in the safety of a class with spotters and instructors and not in the back garden! I’m loving the exhilaration of it all! If you’ve got a garden with space enough for a trampoline then why not check out Big Game Hunters’ Trampoline Shop here