After my 30 day challenge, I gave myself 6 days of rest. I meant to go back sooner, but I had much work to catch up on, plus I didn’t quite feel ready.

Upon my return, I’m sorry to say I wasn’t feeling quite “right” and this feeling unveiled itself as a virus which lasted a few days. I found the class very tough and my balance was awful, although my muscles had not lost their new found flexibility and suppleness. I persevered but then went home and spent the next three days resting and sleeping a lot. All that sleeping was one of the ways I could tell I was unwell.

I then went three times in six days before heading off on holiday. During these sessions, I saw Kam, who commented on how much I’d come on and how he could see the small steps I was progressing each class he was in with me. I was so pleased that he had reaffirmed my beliefs – I can feel myself getting into postures on another level to before. He also said when I said I still had  some way to go that just a year previously he had felt the same. Now he is teaching and practising frequently, when I asked how often 5-6 times a week was the reply.

Cartwheel is getting easier, as is the darling dolphin pose. In half cow there is still has some way to go before my knees are touching and the posture begins. For this reason I can forget about the full on cow for a while. In big toe stretch I am now straightening my leg out in front of me, being sure to lengthen my back before proceeding with taking my leg out to the side and looking in the opposite direction. But perhaps the greatest advancement for me is the fact I managed to perform Crow and balance for several seconds twice in my last practice before I went off on holiday. I’m now flying back and looking forward to getting back in the studio to reap the benefits of a rest.