Saturday 17th January 9am Fierce Grace Class: Yoga Challenge Day 9

Today was the day I thought about doing my first double. During my last attempt at the 30 day challenge, I had done 3 or 4 doubles – that’s two 90 minute back to back yoga sessions. Some marvel at the wonder of someone completing a double yoga session but the real secret behind completion is staying hydrated! In my opinion, if you can do a 90 minute hot yoga session, then you can do two! But today was not the day alas! Part way through the class I felt a twinge in my right hip, a sudden tightness that did not release till after class. This created issues with Bow (standing and floor), big toe stretch, tree, and seated stretching series. even in the spine strengthening series I could feel the pull. I put this down to my hips ironing themselves out as my body’s alignment reconnects itself.

Not one to give up on  yoga challenge day 9, I grit my teeth (trying ever so hard to not carry any tension in my jaw!) and get on with the class. The most challenging parts of the Fierce Grace Yoga Challenge series today were –

Cartwheel – whilst I have improved greatly in balancing stick, the transition into cartwheel is something I find difficult for a number of reasons. The balancing, the stacking of my hips, and the twist all included.

Crow – knowing that I used to be able to do this posture torments me, a bit like bow pose! But right now trying to go into this pose feels so alien that I am not sure I will ever be able to do it.2015-biteable-beauty-crane-crow-pose

Side Crow – in this posture I feel like my elbows and not in alignment enough with my knee and hip, and my hands are nowhere near being flat on the floor, as they would need to be for me to lift my feet up into the pose!


Dolphin – in Fierce Grace the dolphin pose calls for leg raises and this is particularly tough on the shoulders! Try as I might to keep myself from collapsing and resetting between leg lifts I am yet to manage it!

Stayed tuned for the Fierce Grace 30 Day Yoga Challenge Day 10 tomorrow!