Friday 16th January 10:15 Fierce Grace Class, Yoga Challenge Day 8

One thing that seems to happen when you return to practice in the morning following on from the night before is you seem to pick up where you left off. The ability to get deeper into the postures remains from your last class, which means you should go to practice as often as you possibly can! I’m not going to say every day because I realise for many this is just not feasible. Once I am finished my challenge I intend to set a personal yoga challenge to hit my mat at Fierce Grace between 3 and 5 times a week. I’m finding it the perfect antidote to my sometimes stressful life, a great escape from my desk bound self and a convenient time for me to reconnect with me.

I must admit, I’m surprised how little niggles and tightnesses move around the body, as if they are being slowly pushed out of the body. Having gone from one tight shoulder to another, it’s now the turn of my hips. I’m fine during the class, and also after the class, however once the evening comes and I’ve walked a couple of miles in my what I consider sensible Camper boots I feel a sharp tightness in my left hip as I walk, the tighter of my two hip joints. Yoga challenge struggles!

During the class I noticed that perhaps my hips were starting to open ever so slightly more. My left knee is starting to get closer to the floor in the seated stretching postures at the end of the class. Reclining pigeon and king pigeon seem to be starting to go somewhere for me. Perhaps I did a little bit too much too soon. I run a bath, swirl in some magnesium salts (and Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax bath oil) and have a relatively early night! Stay tuned to Yoga Challenge Day 9!