Monday 12th January 5pm Class

Fierce Grace with Lily Cheung, Yoga Challenge Day 4

Day 4 of the Yoga Challenge here we go! I felt much more au fait with the Fierce Grace sequence today, although it is difficult to remember sometimes which posture is next due to the fact that Fierce Grace and Classic classes do share some postures and some are in the same sequence. Even the Yogis leading the class get confused sometimes! I love Lily’s voice; she has a really calming influence and always brings the class back to focus on the breath. This is something I find particularly useful. As I mentioned to acupuncturist and facial rejuvenator Maggie Brown recently I realised when I returned to Yoga through this yoga challenge that I’d completely forgotten how to breathe in life and the importance of breath.

The poses in Fierce Grace I find the most challenging, besides the aforementioned Standing and Floor Bow, Tree and Eagle (which are all featured in both Fierce Grace and Classic) are Crow, Side Crow and King Pigeon. Crow was a posture I used to practice as a child, I can clearly remember my Dad showing me this. It’s a pose that you build up to and it’s very much a mind over matter posture; trusting yourself to take your weight onto your hands. Side Crow I find tough because I need to get my hands flat on the floor. In this class I felt my hands opening out and my palms getting closer to the floor. King Pigeon I find that the stretch is not so much in the behind leg but more so in the hamstrings of the bent leg. My left leg is particularly tough when in bent position, but still I try to breathe into it.


The niggle in my left shoulder from yesterday remains just that. I can feel that I’ve opened something up and now in Half Moon Posture I can feel a tightness in my tricep and deltoid that was not noticeable before. All I have to remember though is to stretch and breath!

Ready for Day 5 of the Yoga Challenge tomorrow!