Saturday 7th February 9am Fierce Grace Class Followed by 11am Classic Class! 

What a great way to finish my 30-day Fierce Grace journey- a double with two of my favourite yoga instructors who had been through my journey with me – Chimezie and San!

As I packed up my bag the night before the last day of the yoga challenge, Mr BB asked if I was planning on doing a double tomorrow to finish on the ultimate high! I replied yes, provided I felt I had the energy to do so! I’d had a mixed bag of sleep this week and I can’t deny I was looking forward to not having to go to class on Sunday!

I was greeted by Chi, with whom I shared I was on the last day of my 30-day challenge and I was leaning towards doing a double. I was so glad I had said this later as had I not committed to it by telling Chi I may not have done so!

I’m thankful to say I’ve had no major aches, pains or twinges outside of class for a couple of weeks. I do get cramps in my quad muscles sometimes when practising, however, particularly awkward series and the first class of today was one of these times. Thankfully there was no repeat of this in the second class, it was just whilst warming up those big muscles in the first class.

Today my Cartwheel was markedly improved, as were my Bow Poses which filled me with great triumph as I completed this 30-day challenge. To conclude, I cannot begin to describe the positive impact Fierce Grace Yoga Challenge has had on me, not just physically but mentally. Bar my shoulder, I never really thought of my body feeling that different internally since my early twenties, but now after my softball sessions, I feel like a teenager! My shoulder pain has vanished, and externally you can feel just how relaxed my muscles are. The stress and tension that resided within have been banished, replaced with suppleness and flexibility. My mind, although nervous with excitement about how my business is expanding and the sheer volume of work we have to do, it is excitement and not stress, anxiety or worry. I’ve learnt to let things go, that it doesn’t matter if I don’t get all my work done on that day – it will still be there tomorrow, and that I can only do my best. I’ve learnt to be thankful for what I’ve got, and more and more I am discovering the power of NOW!

I’ve learnt a lot during the last 30 days of the Yoga Challenge. Thanks for following along.