Sunday 11th January 10am Class

Classic with Louise Maye Yoga Challenge Day 3

Back to the Classic class for Sunday’s practice and I felt my concentration was far superior to yesterday’s class. I’ve had this conversation with Chi and Alberto (two other yogis to feature later in this yoga challenge series!): each class is different. There are a number of possible reasons for this:

  • your body is in a different place and it’s not always a progression unfortunately. Something I have become mindful of is that you can only do as well as you can today. It doesn’t matter if it’s not as far as yesterday and it’s better to have good form in the posture than to go further into it and sacrifice the form. Also remember you never know what tomorrow may bring! One day my forehead WILL touch the floor one day in Standing Separate Leg Pose (it’s come a long way already!) and one day my lower belly WILL touch the floor first in Straddle. Just remember yoga is not a competition; everyone wins.
  • your mind can be all over the place and sometimes it’s difficult to bring it back into the room. This doesn’t tend to happen at a particular time of day for me, although it’s easier on the weekend to be in practice. Sometimes mornings can be times of strong focus, although other times it’s a time when I’m thinking about everything I have to do that day! If I’ve had a good day, practising in the evening is a cinch, bad day can go either way!
  • the temperature, the flow, even the energy of the room. I’m not saying that other peoples’ energy has been detrimental to my yoga practice, but I will say that sometimes I have felt certain classes have more of a solidarity than others which I believe truly helps my focus, concentration and determination.

I’ve noticed all of the teachers leading the classes are super lovely; positive, relaxed and easy going, always with words of encouragement and good humour, and Louise is no exception- making the yoga challenge just a bit easier! Such a contrast to the old days of Bikram Yoga, some of the teachers were not this way inclined in the slightest.

I found it easier to get into the poses than the previous session, most likely due to my tight spots starting to open and my muscle memory. Still a long way to go though, particularly with my Standing and Sitting Bow (hips need to open more, legs need to be stronger), Tree (good old hips again, but my balance getting better) and Eagle (shoulders are seriously tight!).


Later in the day I observe that whilst my right shoulder seems to have rectified itself, I now have a less intense feeling in my left shoulder blade, where it meets the collarbone. Fierce Grace is most definitely ironing out all my muscular and skeletal imperfections, probably a bit too quickly for my body’s liking!

Yoga Challenge Day 4 here I come!