Friday 6th February 10:15 Classic Class: Yoga Challenge Day 29

My penultimate day of the 30 day hot yoga challenge! Revisiting my other postures I commented on earlier in the blog series –

Pranayama – Standing Deep Breathing – my arms were more supple in a week, well in 4 weeks they are like new beasts! It’s funny, I didn’t really notice loss of mobility on a day to day level, but then when I started doing yoga I was shocked at how un-supple (how is “unsupple” not a word?!) my arms had become! Prior to yoga, I was thinking purely about the areas where I experienced pain, and pain-free areas received little thought.

Ardha Chandrasana – Half Moon Pose – my elbows are now locking out in this pose, arms straight and my palm heels are touching! I am surprisingly flexible in this pose, and I love the elongating sensation as you stretch and bend over. On the subject of stretching, I swear I’ve grown at least an inch since I started this yoga challenge!

Paschimottana – Seated Forward Bend – my legs are fully straight in this posture, as is my back, and I am even lifting my heels off the ground and bending my elbows. This pose feels gooooooood!


Utthita Hasta Padangustasana – Big Toe Stretch

I am now able to kick out, take my leg to the side and turn my gaze to the opposite side! Albeit briefly…. My balance is getting better, my leg stronger and my glutes and lower back are stretching out which enables me to have better posture.


Dandayamana Janushirasana Standing Head to Knee

I still can’t interlace my fingers underneath my feet, but my alignment in this posture is looking so much better than it was before! This makes me very pleased, again I think my glutes and lower back are what hold me back here, and also possibly my tight shoulders are preventing the grip.

I cannot believe that the final day of the yoga challenge is tomorrow! Stay tuned!