Thursday 5th February 10:15 Classic Class- Yoga Challenge Day 28

SO almost finished now, I am looking forward to the completion of the yoga challenge. I’ve looked back to my earlier posts about classic and thought I would do a then and now post for today and tomorrow.

Core Strengthening

I have loved this part of the class from day 1 – ABS! I’ve always been able to do loads of sit-ups and variations, so this set Fierce Grace style, slow controlled movements and holding the postures, is always fun for me (am I normal?!) My crunches are deeper, more intense and my forehead is coming closer to my knee in the criss-cross.

Half Cow 

I still don’t feel like that much is going on in this posture for me, although my knees are much closer together than they were at the start of the yoga challenge. I also feel as though I am sitting more upright, but I think that the lack of mobility in my knees is hindering my posture, although my hips may also be playing their part.

Bow Pose

Standing bow pose has come on so far and I am very conscious of kicking all the way as high and far away back as possible, arching my spine to the max before bringing the body forward and down. I am very pleased with my progress in this pose, my legs are stronger, my concentration is markedly improved and I think I am making the right shape with my body.

With floor bow, I am kicking much more strongly and my legs are lifting higher off the ground, opening and stretching my shoulders out even more.

Tree Pose

I am still working on resting my foot on my inner thigh. If I place it there at the moment my hips become misaligned so at present I am resting my foot just below my knee and working on having perfectly aligned hips and shoulders.

Eagle Pose

It’s in the eagle pose that I realise just how far I’ve come in terms of my shoulder flexibility. I can see my alignment is improved, plus my arms are more malleable, crossing over each other more easily.

Stay tuned for yoga challenge day 29!