Wednesday 4th February 5pm Classic Class Yoga Challenge Day 27

I’m going to share another mini mantra today –

“wait for the state to dissipate.”

This is a phrase regularly used by yogi instructor San Patel, and I carry it with me through all my practice. I think about stretching my muscles to the max whilst in my postures, then pausing till the tightness subsides (this may sounds strange but it is a sensation that is felt frequently) and then going a little bit more into the pose as the muscles relax into the position you can take them just that little bit further. It’s a great feeling, and when I think how far my muscles have come in this relatively short space of time practising yoga, it is quite a marvel.

I’m engaging muscles that I’d forgotten I had, getting into postures so much deeper than I was just four weeks ago, and on top of these positive physical effects my mood is consistent¬†and my stress? What stress I say!

Stay tuned for Yoga Challenge Day 27 tomorrow!