Tuesday 3rd February 8pm Core Class Yoga Challenge Day 26

By my planned yoga activity for the week, this is going to be my last core class of the 30 day yoga challenge. Tonight in the standing series the yogi instructor came to correct my hip positioning, but then told me he didn’t need to! This was a great feeling inside, especially as I am making a concerted effort to keep everything in alignment. In straight leg triangle I am trying particularly hard to thread my hip through, and it’s great to know that my efforts are having a positive effect. My hips are not completely even, I am sure nobody’s are 100%, but mine are somewhat off kilter plus my left hip is much tighter than the right, I think due to some left hamstring injuries I’ve experienced throughout my adult life.

To help keep things flexible and supple I am utilising a foam roller, and I will share with you my tricks and techniques in a later post.