Monday 2nd February 5pm Fierce Grace Class Yoga Challenge Day 25

I am now well and truly on the home straight of my Fierce Grace 30 Day Yoga Challenge, and I can’t see anything stopping me! One thing I have noticed is my appetite has considerably decreased. My appetite is always noticeably increased during the cold winter months; in the summer months I eat much less but as soon as the temperature drops it’s like I’m bulking up for hibernation! Only hibernation doesn’t come… Mr BB does have a tendency to be a bit of a feeder (it’s the Jewish mother in him!) and whereas before I would eat everything up, now I’m serving up my own portions so that I don’t leave any food on my plate (I can’t bear to see waste and would rather save as much food as possible for lunches during the week!) We’re also getting into a better routine of eating earlier (I’ve been insisting on this for years, but Mr BB sometimes gets too carried away in his day to put dinner on early, and I don’t feel I can be too vocal about this as I should be grateful that my dinner is being cooked for me in the first place!)

Tomorrow is yoga challenge day 26 and I cannot wait!