Sunday 1st February 10am Classic Class Yoga Challenge Day 24

Another take away phrase from Day 24 of the Yoga Challenge from Chimezie –

give thanks that you are healthy enough and blessed with a body able to practice.”

This is so true! You may be wanting to be further along your yoga path, deeper into the postures, stronger, fitter (happier!) but really all you have is now. You should give thanks for life every day. This doesn’t have to be thanks to any god of deity, just the art of being thankful for what you’ve got.

Giving thanks for a body health and fit enough to practise is a gift. Looking after your body is so important, as I’ve gotten older I realise that it’s crucial to a long, happy and healthy life. Sounds obvious, but so many people don’t look after themselves. Before I started my practice, I was stressed, working too hard and too long hours, and as a result my back was rock solid, tense to the max, and I was experiencing regular back pain which had a massive negative impact on my mood. Now, I still have some shoulder tightness but I have zero pain anywhere, which is such a relief. I hadn’t realised how much of an effect the back pain had on my life, but now it’s not there I’m immensely relieved and my mood is so much lighter and consistent!

I’m feeling great as I go into Yoga Challenge day 25!