Friday 30th January 7pm Fierce Grace Class Yoga Challenge Day 22

Today’s Friday night Fierce Grace Yoga Challenge class was with Michele Pernetta again, and the usual fairy lights up, music cranked up a little (and a little more party-party!) and main lights dimmed down were in place. I like this setup, especially in the evening classes. Light can be overstimulating at night time, I always try to avoid any bright overhead lights in the home in the evening, including in the bathroom, and especially in the bedroom. We instead utilise mood lighting, plenty of lamps and candles too!

I like practising in the daytime when there is no need for the lights to be turned on in the studio, especially if it’s a clear bright day and the sun starts shining through the windows. It’s a magical feeling!

In this class Michele helped me with camel pose, helping to open my tight shoulders and focus on alignment. Camel is a very deep pose and coming out of the forward bends into this, the deepest back bend of the series can be rather intense sometimes. For this reason, when I am coming up from the savasana prior to camel I get up as quick as possible and allow the blood to come back to my head so that I am less likely to experience any dizzy spells during camel.

Looking forward to day 23 of the yoga challenge tomorrow!

Image: Yoga.com