Thursday 29th January 8pm Classic Class Yoga Challenge Day 21

The 8pm timing is a little bit awkward for me; it invariably means I stay at work till 7:30 then tootle off to the studio. With classic class I get home around 9:50, core class 9:35 or thereabouts, and by this time I am either ravenous or past hunger. On the days I do practise at this time, Mr BB will usually have something ready when I get home and I eat a small portion of whatever delicacy he has prepared. It’s great having another accomplished cook in the house, in previous house shares and relationships it has usually been me that the cooking duty has fallen to. If anything now, I don’t cook enough. I miss it but being the last to arrive home means it makes more sense for Mr BB to be the primary chef of the house!

I am now two thirds of the way through my 30 day yoga challenge and I feel incredible, I’ve toned up and slimmed down, it’s the perfect post-Christmas regimen to kickstart any fitness regime or just to reconnect with yourself if you perhaps felt a bit lost in the previous year. Last year was a hard time with family health and bereavement to contend with,  yoga has brought me back to myself and put me in touch with my feelings.

Stay tuned for yoga challenge day 22 tomorrow!