Wednesday 21st January 10:15 Classic Class Yoga Challenge Day 20

I do like to mix up the timings of my yoga classes during this yoga challenge, and the occasional midweek morning class does throw some variation in the mix. On the days when I do practise in the morning, I skip breakfast and don’t eat till lunch time. Actually, I have gotten into the habit of not having breakfast in the morning at all, and try to eat around 1:30pm. I guess I’m following the 8 hour diet without really thinking about it. In the past I thought that breakfast was the most important meal of the day, particularly for me, but my body seems to be much better suited to two meals a day, and no breakfast.

Instead in the morning I take either an Emer-C sachet or a hot water with lemon and then I am good to go!

I sometimes have a coconut water after class, but other than that I wait until lunchtime to refuel, usually with leftovers from the previous night’s dinner. Freshly prepared (the previous night) and well balanced food is what we eat, loosely based around Weston A Price Foundation.

Looking forward to yoga challenge day 21 tomorrow!