Saturday 10th January 11am Class

Classic with San Patel

Yoga Challenge Day 2

For Day 2 of the yoga challenge, I decided to choose the Classic 39 Steps Fierce Grass class contains 22 out of the 26 Bikram Yoga poses, which I remembered well, even if my muscle memory didn’t allow me to immediately pick up the poses where I left off! Rabbit has been removed as have Locust and Full Locust. I miss the former, but I much prefer the Superman and Gondola that the Locust poses have been replaced with! I also particularly like the addition of Warrior 2, the Core Strengthening and Plank. Half Cow seems to be a posture that I don’t feel very much in yet. I’m supposed to feel a stretch down the hamstring of the straight leg, but I feel nothing. My knees are not very close to one another but again I think this comes back to my tight hips. Once my hips are more open I’m sure my knees will be closer and then I will begin to feel it! Thankfully I awoke in the morning without pain in my shoulder, and although I could feel I had worked out yesterday I wasn’t achey.


I experienced lots of challenges in this class, both mentally and physically. Mentally it was tough because once again it was very hot; in places my brain was saying stop whilst my body felt fine. Today I found it difficult to get into Floor Bow, and my Standing Bow was short and sweet. My quads also seemed to be heavier than ever, and the tightness in them kept my hips away from my heels for Child’s Pose and Half Tortoise.

San’s mantra he uses in class, “Stronger. Fitter. Happier.” stays with me through all my practices and even though I was only on day two of the yoga challenge I was already feeling all three of these things. When I got home however my shoulder was feeling more painful than the day before, winding me if I moved it too quickly or in the wrong direction. So I took my Saturday afternoon very leisurely; a magnesium bath, a long relax on the sofa and a gentle walk of Mimi with Mr BB on Hampstead Heath in the afternoon.

I’m ready for Day 3 of my Yoga Challenge tomorrow!