Tuesday 28th January 8pm Core Class Yoga Challenge Day 19

Core class is the class where I think I can feel more and more change in my body. Hold the poses for longer in these classes means you can really tune in to your body, fine tune and correct your alignment. I’ve noticed my hips are opening more and more so as I go through the yoga challenge, the positions I can feel this in are king pigeon – my pelvic positioning is coming more to the correct place, and they are also more level.

I am still unable to get into cow position but my half cow is progressing. For me, this is one of those strange poses where nothing feels like it is happening, but little by little my position is changing, moving closer to what it should be.

In my forward bend series, I can feel that going forward with a flat back is my forte! My lower back is starting to limber up, but in some standing positions I can feel that my body is hindered by its tightness. My calves are still very tight, I put this down to years of wearing heels, but I am using a foam roller to try and help counteract this.

Tomorrow is Day 20 of the Yoga Challenge– come back to read about it!

Image: simplemost.com