Monday 27th January 5pm  Fierce Grace Class Yoga Challenge Day 18

I don’t really have a problem with Mondays, but all day I look forward to practising Fierce Grace that evening. Since undertaking this 30 day challenge I’ve really addressed my work-life balance, and I think making time to practice on a Monday helps with this. The first day back to work after the weekend can sometimes be a stressful, and long, one. But taking time out to practise yoga means that I’m not in the office till really late on a Monday and I can be home for dinner at 7pm.

I can really feel my balancing series progressing in terms of balance and strength in my legs, and for big toe stretch and head to knee, my lower back is starting to limber up. Balancing stick into cartwheel is also improving, I can feel my hips are much more open and I am starting to reach correct alignment.

Tomorrow is day 19 of the yoga challenge– I cannot believe I am almost 2/3 of the way done!


Photo credit – www.yogabycandace.com