yoga-challengeFriday 23rd January 7pm Fierce Grace Class: Yoga Challenge Day 15

It seemed fitting that halfway through my yoga challenge would be the day I came on my period! I hadn’t really thought about practising yoga and my bodily cycles but I gave thanks that it was at least the weekend!

This milestone was also marked by the class being taken by Fierce Grace founder Michele Pernetta. For Friday night vibes there are fairy lights lit and the main lights are dimmed down. Period or no period, this was a fabulous way to start the weekend.

Michele’s style of teaching is laid back, her humour is dry and although I can’t quite recall what was exactly said, the whole room was in stitches at a couple of points. But it’s not just Michele’s humour I appreciate; it’s also the fact she shares how hard/long/much she had to practice before she achieved certain postures. “It took me 17 years” “20 years of practice and I made it here”. Michele is hammering it home that it’s not a race, it’s not a competition and that with dedication and practice comes results.

Just as far as you feel you can is perfectly acceptable. As long as you are trying your hardest. I tried my hardest that night and went away feeling ready for the weekend, if a little apprehensive of how I would fare with my full blown period and Fierce Grace.

Stay tuned for Yoga Challenge Day 16!