Thursday 22nd January 8pm Classic Class Yoga Challenge Day 14

Almost halfway through the Fierce Grace Yoga Challenge and I feel like I have progressed considerably. Things are opening up, but my left side is still considerably tight than the right – hip and shoulder – and my right knee is considerably less mobile than the left. My elbows are now locking out in half moon but there is still tightness in my shoulders whilst performing this, however, when I think how far I’ve come in just two weeks it is quite incredible. In pranayama, my arms are noticeably more mobile already, which is so encouraging. Years and years of sat at a computer coming undone slowly but surely.

We all know we live a much more sedentary life than our ancestors, and this is taking its toll on our bodies. Living in the city also puts us under stress, which can and does manifest itself in physical ailments. This makes it all the more important to look after our bodies and correct any issues that may arise from this lifestyle. I wish I had never given up practising yoga but it’s never too late to start or take it up again.

Tomorrow, I will be halfway through with the Yoga Challenge, but I know I already want to continue practising after the challenge.