Bikram Yoga 30 DAy yoga-challenge Fierce Grace

Wednesday 21st January 5pm Classic Class Yoga Challenge Day 13

Because of timings and the fact I am practising yoga every day, there have to be some classic classes thrown in the mix. It’s not that I dislike this class, because I don’t, it’s just the fact that there’s no music. The music element makes such a difference to me, it gives me something to focus on and helps keep me focused! I like all sorts of music, and I love the variety of music that is used by the various Fierce Grace instructors – Beck, Erykah Badu, Bob Marley covers, classical piano, lighter drum’n’bass, such a wide spectrum of music – there’s something for everyone’s tastes. I’ve loved getting to listen to different types of music throughout this yoga challenge.

We always listen to music in the office, not too loud, just to create an ambience. Music does incredible things to your brain, and studies suggest that ambient noise improves creative thinking. I think that practising yoga to music helps with self-awareness, and helps with self-expression through the postures.

In the classic classes, without music, I find that my mind wanders more often than in the classes accompanied by music, this adds to the challenge!

Looking forward to some music and yoga challenge day 14!