Monday 19th January 10:15 Classic Class: Yoga Challenge Day 11

Monday Monday, so good to me…… There is definitely something in this yoga business! I had the best night’s sleep the previous night and I was so excited to be heading back into my yoga challenge the following morning. As I mentioned before, my body picks up where it left off when I’m practising every day, particularly evening class into the morning.

In spine compass, I can feel I am slightly more limber but awkward pose still feels just that….. awkward! I think this is down to my tight lower back and tight shoulders both being stretched out at the same time, plus coming up onto the toes makes me feel unsteady. That said in just 10 classes I feel like I have undone years and years of wearing high heels and stomping all around London in them. They are limbering up, becoming stronger and more supple.

My balancing series is slowly but surely coming along during this yoga challenge – my legs feel stronger and this means I have better balance. Going into standing bow, I have gotten into the habit of mentally preparing myself with a “you can do it, it’s going to be your best yet” affirmations. And it seems to be working as I am holding the pose for longer. Another great bit of advice when it comes to standing bow is to not rush to get into the posture, kick back and up into your hand for as long as possible without bringing your body down.

The one downside with attending a class at this time is it does take a big chunk out of your day. Before the class, there’s not enough time to get stuck into any large tasks, then by the time you get to work there’s only an hour or two before you inevitably want to stop for lunch. Going to this class means I stay at the office until at least 8pm and as a result of this I end up eating (and sleeping!) later.  In an ideal world I would be able to go to a class a couple of hours, maybe even three or four hours, earlier but this is the earliest weekday class at my branch.

Come back tomorrow for yoga challenge Day 12 tomorrow!

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