Sunday 18th January 5pm Core Class: Yoga Challenge Day 10

The core class is a sublime way to end the weekend and prepare yourself for the coming week. Some people consider core to be the “easy” class, but I don’t consider easy the correct terminology. It’s less exerting physically than the Fierce Grace and classic classes, but the challenge comes in the shape of patience. Patience as your body realigns itself to its former glory! Patience that your body might not be quite in the position that you want it to be. 

The main thing I really enjoy about this class is the longer holding times, and the stillness of body and mind that comes with this. This class is also more relaxed than the others in the yoga challenge, there’s a lot of floor work and there always seems to be a real sense of unity and everyone working together through the seated series.Today’s most challenging posture for me? Well I’m not sure why I didn’t mention it in the previous posts (perhaps my brain is trying to forget the burn!) but it has to be without a doubt fire logs! Also known as is so called because of the burn you experience in the hips and thighs! At present, my upper knee is a long way away from my ankle, but as I hold the posture I do get some release in the leg and the gap is closed, slightly!


I always seem to be focusing on the pain the yoga challenge, so I thought I would through some positivity into the mix with my favourite postures too! Today, I loved the good old floor bow, for millimetre by millimetre I can feel improvements and openings happening, quicker than I thought they might too I hasten to add! The fire hydrants is also getting easier, and looking in the mirror I can see my leg is higher and straighter.

See you tomorrow for Fierce Grace 30 Day Yoga Challenge Day 11!