Friday 9th January 7pm Class

Fierce Grace with Steve Carter

Yoga Challenge Day 1

Now, I’m fairly certain I remember Steve from the days of Bikram Yoga (read my 30 day fail here), although I do sometimes just have a feeling I have met someone before and actually I haven’t so don’t quote me on that. Steve has a soft northern accent and reminds me of one of my friends (which may also be why I think I remember him)!

I decided to start out with a Fierce Grace class for the first day of my 30 day Yoga Challenge because this is the signature class of the 5. It varies from the traditional class in that you only do one set of each posture. In some respects I like this (I only have to do Bow Pose once!) but in other ways I don’t like this (I only get to do Bow Pose once?!) but more on my love hate relationship with Bow Pose later!

The class was a gentle ease back in to yoga, and hot yoga. I like that Fierce Grace begins with a couple of Sun Salutations as I was surprised when I first started Bikram Yoga that there were not any Sun Salutations. Whilst I find Pranayama Breathing Pose and Ardha Chandrasana Half Moon Pose (the postures Bikram starts with) a fair warm up, I do feel I can go into Half Moon better after the Sun Salutations of the Fierce Grace class. Which is a good job as we only get one chance at Half Moon in the Fierce Grace Class!

Since I last practised Bikram Yoga (or any form of Yoga for that matter) I have pulled my hamstring a couple of times playing softball. I was trying to remember if it was twice both the same leg or once each leg, I think the latter but I’m not sure. I believe this has impacted the movement of my left hip and thigh to some extent. In my first class I notice just how much I struggle to bring my legs back into both Bow Pose and Floor Bow Pose – it’s not in fact the actual stretch that is difficult but getting into it. This may also have something to do with the tight back of a neglected body, but I’m sure this will improve in time.

The class kept me focused and on my toes. I managed to keep going for all of it, despite the fact that the class was the hottest yet of 2015! I was glad I heard Steve say this after the class because I was sure sweating a lot, and felt the class was nearing a Bikram balminess. I believe the temperature for Bikram is 40.6 Degrees Celsius, and Fierce Grace 35-40 Degrees Celsius.

Anyone who knows me will know I tend to have tightness and often pain in my shoulders and neck area. This has been verging on chronic at times, but prior to commencing this 30 Day Yoga Challenge I had got this almost under control. Managing my problems much better than before (both my life problems and my muscular ones) through massage, diet, de-stressing and sleep. I was however slightly disconcerted that when I got home I started to feel a sharp pain sensation in my right shoulder. I remedied this with a magnesium bath, a massage and a movie. I was aiming for an early night too, but sometimes in life you can’t have everything!

Stay tuned for Yoga Challenge Day 2 tomorrow!