dreamidols easy gym

We’ve been looking into gyms to join for a while now close to home. LA Fitness do however keep running 6 weeks at a very reasonable rate so we keep signing up for that! I love The Lab but as work is so busy my gym habits are at best sporadic and at worst nonexistent and I’d want to be going more regularly to justify the membership. Who knows, if I was paying more maybe I’d make more of an effort to go, however, I’m not about to sign up to a contract to find out.

Mr BB has mentioned Easygym in Wood Green which isn’t a million miles away however I’m a snob and 1) the thought of going to Wood Green doesn’t fill me with burning desire (it’s bad enough we have to go there to the cinema on occasions) and 2) Easygym by the no-frills company behind Easyjet/car/hotel? Like I said I’m a snob! However, when I was invited to check out Easygym at Oxford Circus I thought what have I got to lose? I rock up to the top level of the Plaza Shopping Centre and it almost looks like I’m at the airport!
easygym Oxford Circus
I’m really pleasantly surprised by the standard of finish in the building. The feel is distinctly gym or sports club, and there are what seems like enough state of the art cardio and weights machines going to occupy all squad members in the premiership, maybe even more! It’s a massive, open expanse and as I wander around with Naomi I start to think that I could get used to Easygym life. At £19.99 a month it’s a steal, for an extra £12 you can go to all the classes. £32 a month gym membership-practically unheard of right? Most places are at least double, some even triple!
studio-easy-gym changing-rooms-easy-gym
Upon arrival, I’m told that my PT session is going to be with the DREAM IDOLS, The HOTTEST Male Glamour Group in Europe! It may have said this on my invite but I didn’t clock it. If I’d have known I would have put on my best sportswear and made sure I either waxed my armpits or had worn a top with sleeves – whoops! Naomi and the team at Easygym had devised a shoppers’ workout, identifying the muscles used most whilst pounding the bustling Oxford Street however Tommy had other plans for me! We did a warmup on the treadmill, which we discovered went downhill as well as uphill, in preparation for circuit training. I’m always surprised at how much I enjoy circuit training when I do it, which isn’t all that often but maybe I should do more sessions like this once my adrenals are back to normal! The circuit consisted of the following exercises, each time you added the next exercise to the routine-
Press ups – 15 reps
1 legged Squat with 8kg weight bag across the shoulders – 15 reps approx, walked the length of the area and back doing them
Dynamic ball bouncing – 20 reps with a 5kg medicine ball, throwing the ball from above your head to the ground and getting power not just through your arms but also through bending your knees
Tricep dips on a power plate – 15 reps
Plank – 30 seconds
Once we’d completed this we moved on to boxing! Those of you who have watched my New You Boot Camp videos will know that I loved the boxing training sessions and as Tommy said in his tweet to me I “defo pack a punch!” We had a laugh in the session, we were joking around a lot which made exercising exactly what it should be- fun! Lewis tried to do some squats with me but was struggling with his form and technique so Tommy ribbed him. It’s great having a personal trainer there to push you as well as have some fun with.
After a great workout session, it was time for my photo with the Dream Idols. It was only then that I realised we probably should have done that pre-workout so I wouldn’t have has such a sweat on and red face! The boys have invited me and some friends to their show at Pacha. Now, ladies form an orderly queue!
dreamidols easy gym
The only negative I could find about the place is that there is no jacuzzi, sauna and steam facilities. This is a big minus for me as I like to reward myself with these treats post workout, but for such a bargain membership price I guess you can’t have everything!
Big thanks to both parties for a fun and exercise-filled afternoon! And for all you hardcore shoppers out there, here is the Shoppers’ Workout Plan from Easygym-

Warm-up treadmill – 8-10mins – gradually increasing the intensity each minute

Stepper – 1min faster pace / 1min slower pace stepping – 10mins total

Alternate Lunges – hold a set of dumbbells to make this more difficult – hit 20 reps of good fast lunges with excellent form, rest for 10 seconds repeat to complete 3 sets

Plank hold position – aim for 1 min rest for 10 seconds and repeat

Squat – hold a barbell over your shoulders to make more difficult – Aim for a slower controlled movement 3 sets of 12 reps

Russian twists – 30 seconds of controlled twisting in a leant back seated position

Kettlebell Sumo squat – slow controlled movement – 3 sets of 12 reps

Swiss ball crunches – 3 sets of 12 reps

Cooldown Cross trainer – 8-10mins