If your digestion is suffering due to overindulgence this summer (and let’s be honest with all the social engagements and events it’s easy to) then why not give D’mix from Conscious Food a go. I’d also recommend anyone with a digestive ailment to give it a whirl, or should I say a chew! For the testimonials speak for themselves, read more here.

But What Exactly is D’Mix?

D’Mix is a blend of Jaggery, Fennel, Flax, Sesame, Coriander, Ajwain and Hari Patti Seeds, Liquorice Root Powder and Wild Mint Leaves designed to be chewed after every meal. It’s high in fibre and for best results you should chew at least 40 times. As you will know, digestion begins with the art of mastication! 70% of our digestive enzymes are produced when we chew, and the longer we chew our food for the more complex digestive enzymes are produced. As soon as you start chewing, the botanicals in D’Mix help with the release of these enzymes, the stomach is alkalised and with continued use restoration of the stomach and colon lining occurs and major organs are detoxified.


Conscious Food Digestive Kickstarter Pack

Conscious Food recommends taking D’Mix for two months to help reset and fire up your digestive system. Along with chewing D’Mix after every meal, they recommend drinking their Digestif Tea. This tea is suitable for drinking throughout the day and contains a rare type of peppermint that can be drunk on an empty stomach, combined with liquorice, cinnamon, fenugreek seeds and cloves. It’s delicious hot or cold!


Biteable Beauty’s Verdict

I really enjoyed using these products and will definitely partake in an annual digestive reset. I found that chewing D’Mix after meals got me thinking more about chewing my food thoroughly. I don’t know how much I was chewing my food previously, but I am now aware that I am chewing well and for a long time. The Digestif tea is delicious hot or cold, I would find myself making a giant teapot of it at my office and drinking throughout the day, hot at first and then cold later on in the day – extremely refreshing either way. I can see myself investing in this every January post the overindulgence of Christmas and New Year!

Available from £40 for two months supply of D’Mix and Digestif Tea

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