It was a gorgeously sunny September day that I made my way just down the road from home to Camden Town Acumedic Centre, just on the High Street, to experience their cosmetic acupuncture and herbal facial with the lovely Theresa. I’ve experienced acupuncture several times now, every time with the same positive effects, but this was the first time I have had a cosmetic facial procedure using needles. I’ve walked, rode, and driven past Acumedic heaps of times now but I must admit I’ve never been inside! I was super impressed with the treatment, the tea and the shop.

First, let’s start with the acupuncture treatment.

Theresa gave me a mini consultation to find out my main skin and wellbeing concerns. I advised that I was much less stressed than I had been in ages and that my main skin concerns were anti-ageing! After making myself comfortable on the couch, Theresa began the treatment by tapping in the needles. I was treated to some on my body as well as my face, and left to drift away in my own world for around 45 minutes to an hour. I’m not really sure what time I went in, or what time I came out, as I hung out in the cafe and shop for some time after the treatment. It’s important to note that facial acupuncture is not a quick fix for skin problems, but is a long term investment to help anti-age the skin by targeting certain areas. Points are chosen to either strengthen or relax the muscles, depending upon the requirements of the individual. The use of needles also promotes blood flow and increases subdermal  blood circulation, and may also strengthen skin elasticity protein elastin and the other structural protein, collagen. In time, strength and tone of facial muscles are improved, diminishing fine lines and wrinkles. Next came the rejuvenating facial, which consisted of the following steps – 
1. Chinese Angelica facial cleanser – Chinese Angelica is renowned for its superior hydrating properties and as a skin nourisher. The cleanser also contains Schisandra, which is a herbal remedy for energy and anti-fatigue, and it also has the same effects on the skin – energising, and it also has cleansing and astringent properties and helps the skin maintain moisture.

2. Bamboo and gingko face scrub – I could smell that this had parfum in, but the product felt nice on my skin, gentle and creamy. There are ingredients of Ginseng and Safflower which are powerful stimulants that increase blood circulation. There’s also Ginkgo, a skin rejuvenator and firmer.

3. Aloe Vera eye gel – A cooling gel with Aloe Vera and Carrageenan to help relieve tired, puffy eyes.

4. A handmade personal herbal mask only containing various natural herbs according to my consultation and diagnosis – top secret!

5. Papaya face serum cloth mask – This helps to exfoliate the skin, whilst stimulating collagen and elastin creation due to the rich content of vitamins A, C and E.

6. Ginseng eye rejuvenating cream – Contains Ginseng and Dan Shen to help diminish puffiness and dark eye circles, with vitamin E to nourish and Watermint to refresh.

7. M.L formula facial moisturiser – With a Rose Oil base, featuring 17 amino acids and 9 trace elements to help promote skin health and give a clear glow.

I really enjoyed my facial acupuncture, and the facial. besides from the parfum smell which was bothering me! I had been advised that the skincare was 100% natural but having looked at the ingredients online I am disappointed to learn they are far from it and packed full with parabens and parfum and several more ingredients too. If you’re not fussed about this, I highly recommend a trip to Acumedic! I’d still go back for acupuncture as Theresa was a superb therapist!

After my treatment, I went through to the cafe and enjoyed a tea, and then had a look around the tea shop, purchasing White Peony and Chrysanthemum. The former has a lovely sweetness of honey and vanilla, and a slight chestnut flavour, the latter I have not yet tried. According to the box, it is a delicate floral that has a calming and cooling effect on the body and mind, reduces swelling and often used to relieve colds and sore throats.2014-biteable-beauty-acumedic-china-life-tea

I had a complimentary tea in the cafe, which was the Amacharzuru, also known as the herb of immortality.


The tea is great for people feeling run down, although I was feeling pretty spot on post my treatment!


China Life store also sold lovely tea sets for a traditional ceremony.


I also liked the sentiment of many of the wall hangings, this one below in particular!


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