coconut water

Coconut water is an addiction of mine, admittedly there are worse things to be addicted to. A piano student first introduced me to a white can of the beverage which I instantly took a liking to flavour-wise, however, I was initially put off after drinking from the can and unexpected detritus of coconut arriving in my mouth. Once I overcame this I was hooked.

Next, I tried VitaCoco, the Brazilian brand and I loved this one even more. No bits, and deliciously sweet. Then one day I picked up an organic Dr Martins coco juice and I have never looked back. As the packaging explains, the juice inside has never come into contact with light or air, so it still thinks it is inside the coconut. And it almost tastes as good as straight from a coconut (although the surroundings one drinks from a coconut surely contribute to the taste factor!) I’ve tried the various flavours from both brands but I must say I am a purist – why contaminate something that tastes so good?!

But enough about the brands and more about why I took coconut water on as a Trailwalker. Coconut water is isotonic, which means it has a similar concentration of salt and sugar as the human body and the level of electrolytes in it means it is more effective at re-equilibrating fluid levels in the body. The levels of potassium, calcium, magnesium and sodium also mean the body is revitalised and rehydrated quicker than normal water. As well as this coconut water is reported to regulate the body temperature, carry nutrients and oxygen to cells, increase metabolism, aid kidney and liver function, detoxify and improve circulation. A wonder drink!