Bodhi Neroli Luce Revitalising Face Oil

As this #bodhiweek on Biteable Beauty draws to a close, I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about the range as much as I’ve enjoyed writing and sharing these posts. It’s really helped me to get back into blogging, which I had been neglecting of late. I’ve regained my passion for it – now all I need to do is find the time to keep it up! For the last post about Bodhi products (there’s an interview with Elijah coming too!) I wanted to share with you the remaining new products I learnt all about at the Bodhi Spa Soiree

Bodhi Artisan Series – Neroli Lucé Revitalising Face Oil

I am a sucker for all things Neroli so when I saw this new product from Bodhi my heart fluttered with delight. It’s been created especially for normal to combination skin with vitamin and essential fatty acid-rich ingredients to repair, improve elasticity and tone, refine pores and rebalance the skin’s natural hydration system.

neroli luce Revitalising Face oil Bodhi New Products

This is the second product to be launched in Bodhi’s Artisan series, the first being the Desert Rose Rejuvenating Face Oil, read my review of that here Both products draw inspiration from the potent healing power of natural and traditional botanical remedies from cultures around the world. Neroli is the oil extracted from bitter orange trees and Bodhi’s is sourced from Tunisia – which is considered to be the best quality in the world. Blended along with this are skin-healing and tone-correcting Frankincense, antioxidant-rich Grapeseed Oil and restorative Sea Buckthorn Oil.  The final product is an ultra nutrient-rich facial oil which is instantly absorbed into the skin without feeling greasy.

The gorgeous aroma of this oil has made its mark on me – can’t wait to put this product to the test. I think it will be a travel bag essential this summer! Now all we need is a destination!

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Bodhi Mint Thé Temple Balm

A new area for Bodhi – balms. This Mint Thé Temple Balm is the first of two I will write about in this post and I was mightily impressed. It was buttery soft thanks to the choice of oils for the base – Shea Butter; Babassu Nut Oil; rich in lauric and myristic acids, melts on contact with skin and is easily absorbed; Whit4e Camphor; excellent for muscular aches, sprains and bruises with excellent anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. The balm also contains Cajeput oil, with strong analgesic properties, and essential oils of Eucalyptus and the temple balm Bodhi New Products

I took a small finger load and massaged into my temples. The result was a head-clearing success. Not that my head was particularly foggy to begin with, maybe a slight champagne haze as well as being blissed out from my Rosemary Chi Detox Himalayan Salt Scrub but nothing more! This product will be great for hard-workers who need a mental and physical boost as well as a great natural alternative to Vick’s Vapour Rub – without the tiger balm smell. This product smells amazing! Someone commented that they would wear this as a fragrance on the night. The balm can also be used for muscle aches and pains as well as a revitalising foot and leg rub at the end of a long, hard day. A must for the sports bag!

Bodhi Cacao Cocoon Lip Balm

Last but by no means least, the second balm. Another of buttery soft texture that just melts into the skin. The balm is a blend of exotic butters that originate from the Amazonian and Borean jungles including cacao butter, Murumuru butter (which gives the product its reddish-orange colour), Illipe Butter, Red Raspberry Seed Oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil and  Blackcurrant Seed Oil

Bodhi New Products cacao cocoon lip balm

Gorgeous lip balm for nourished, soft and smooth lips. One person commented that they could and would eat it – so I licked a bit off my lips. Not quite as sweet-tasting as it smells, but as Elijah pointed out there’s nothing in there that you can’t eat!
Bodhi New Products cacao cocoon lip balm

Bodhi Balms are available from June 2013 from and selected stockists.