Bodhi Massage & Body Oils

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Bodhi Massage Oils – Spa at Home

I fell in love with the Ginger Brew Massage Oil during my treatment at Appuru. It’s a deep-penetrating massage oil that continues to go to work after the massage is finished, working at rejuvenating and relieving tired, aching muscles and tight, stiff joints. One of the reasons I love this massage oil is that the ingredients and fragrance remind me of drinking tea in the medina after sundown in Marrakech – even though the blend is inspired by Thai flavours! The heady concoction of ginger, galangal and tumeric spices, all of which are present in the traditional Moroccan chai that we consumed every night without fail after our street food feast and before a glass or two of the local wine – which was surprisingly delicious!

So, imagine my absolute delight when I met Elijah Choo, founder and creator of Bodhi, for lunch at the Natural Products show and he gifted me the at-home versions of these products! Not just Ginger Brew Stimulating Massage Oil, however, De-Stress Flora Paradiso was also in the bag. Whoopee – thanks a million Elijah! These oils are excellent for massage as well as for general body oils. Unlike some other massage oils I’ve experienced, the Bodhi products are “wet” enough to give a slip that enhances and facilitates a massage, but they are not so oily or greasy that you leave the treatment feeling like you swam through an oil slick! Like the other Bodhi body products – Bath & Shower Therapy and Body Moisturisers – the essential oil blends are genius and the fragrances stay with your skin but are neither overpowering nor intrusive.

Bodhi Massage Oils – the Ginger Brew Blend

Bodhi Massage & Body Oils

I fear I’m sounding like a broken record when it comes to the fragrances of Bodhi but once you’ve tried just one of the scents of these products I’m sure you too will fall under the spell! Elijah definitely has a magical nose for blending notes, which is complemented by the fact that he never compromises on the quality of the raw ingredients.

Ginger Brew has four different types of ginger in it, three of which I mentioned earlier –

  • Galangal; a warming oil which has antibacterial, anti-fungal, antiseptic, antioxidant and stimulating properties. It’s marvellous for muscle aches and fatigue
  • Ginger; an anti-spasmodic stimulant which helps improve the blood circulation and decrease inflammation. Not only great for muscle aches but also arthritis and rheumatism
  • Turmeric; quite possibly the master of inflammation, in that it has phenomenal anti-inflammatory properties. If you’re feeling unwell in some way, take a quarter a teaspoon in hot water (if you can’t bear the taste add some coconut oil or honey!) and let this wonder-herb work its magic

The fourth ginger, as Elijah explained to me recently, is the special one. It’s also the one I’d never heard of before so I was all ears as he explained (these days for me not to have heard of a beauty ingredient/herb/spice/fruit etc is exceedingly rare!) It’s called Plai and is widely used in Thailand. It’s an exceptional healing oil that helps with the relief of pain and inflammation of the joints and the muscles. In Thailand, it’s highly regarded for its analgesic, rejuvenating and relaxing therapeutic properties.

Along with this quartet of zingy-gingerness, there are several other key ingredients –

  • Sweet Fennel and Kaffir Lime Peel oils to raise the spirits whilst also deep-cleansing the skin
  • St John’s Wort – an excellent tonic for nerve pain and any stresses or strains to the nervous system
  • Grapeseed Oil – one of the base oils (along with coconut triglycerides) that makes the product not too oily/greasy, due to its high absorption rate. This oil helps encourage the production of elastin and hyaluronic acid within the skin contains antioxidants to protect against free radical damage and has a firming effect on the skin

Bodhi Massage & Body Oils

Bodhi Massage Oils – the Flora Paradiso Blend

Bodhi Massage & Body Oils

This oil is inspired by Balinese massage and is blended to target specific mental and physical stress. The top note of Ylang-Ylang brings relaxing and calming properties, works at alleviating nervous tension and stress whilst also having a balancing effect on oily and dry skin types. Heart notes of high-altitude Lavender balance the body and calm the mind whilst also toning and revitalising the skin. Base notes of Atlas Cedarwood are grounding and calming whilst relieving mental strain and helping with insomnia.

The base oils for this product are Coconut triglycerides and Apricot Kernel Oil – rich in essential fatty acids and a multitude of vitamins and antioxidants for the skin which help to brighten, soothe and nourish whilst also ensuring skin retains its moisture, elasticity and suppleness.

Bodhi Massage & Body Oils

Bodhi Massage Oils – Biteable Beauty’s Verdict

When presented with the oils at Appuru to choose one for my treatment, little thought was given to Flora Paradiso as my mind, body and soul were set on the Ginger Brew Stimulating Massage for some deep tissue action! I was presented the Flora Paradiso in an aroma bowl but paid slight attention to it. When I opened the bottle at home, I could barely believe how extraordinary the fragrance was. It’s my perfect perfume; floral but not too sweet (Elijah when is the Bodhi fragrance line coming out?!) Don’t get me wrong, the Ginger Brew is very special as well but, like the rest of the range, my favourite depends on my mood, the time of day and the purpose of using the product. My live-in masseuse has been putting both these oils to very good use, believe me!

Available from Ginger Brew Stimulating Massage & Body Oil

and Flora Paradiso De-Stress Massage & Body Oil