bodhi spa soiree

Today’s blog is about the event that inspired #Bodhiweek to happen on Biteable Beauty, the #bodhispasoiree. Other posts on Bodhi products can be found here. Are you a Bodhi fan? I’d love to hear what you think of the range so why not leave a comment below, on Facebook or Tweet @biteablebeauty #bodhiweek.

Bodhi Spa Soiree – 9th May 2013

I’m on my way home on the 2110 train out of Birmingham to London Euston. Thankfully it’s Virgin as on the way to Birmingham I mistakenly booked on the other line – no power sockets, no refreshments, tables and chairs not ergonomically designed (ooh I’m such a snob these days!) I have just passed a most pleasant evening with the Bodhi team, fellow beauty bloggers and writers, journalists and friends of Bodhi. Elijah first mentioned the event to me back at Natural Products whereby I instantly confirmed my attendance. Mr BB and I were planning to take a much-needed mini-break somewhere around Birmingham to tie in with the event, however, due to our failure to agree on a location, busy-business and the general lack of British summertime we decided to postpone our break away.

Bodhi Spa Soiree

As I pulled into Birmingham New Street I looked up and saw a massive round building which I immediately assumed was my destination – the Rotunda. A read of the banners around the top, “staying cool”, confirmed my suspicions for the penthouse apartment Bodhi took over for the event was a “Staying Cool Apartment at the Rotunda”. Despite the weather being grey and wet upon my arrival my spirits were not dampened – I took a minute to appreciate the living wall that ran all the way along the footpath from the station to the Rotunda.

Bodhi Spa Soiree

The serviced apartments were very cool indeed! 20 floors up with a view over half of Birmingham with its 60s concrete block buildings interspersed with modern architecture. I was impressed with the view and curious about this hotch-potch of structural design, although unfortunately some of the locals didn’t share my intrigue! I did, however, learn from the lovely Danielle from Emerald Street that the Rotunda was an old market building that was destined to be knocked down in the 80s/90s but residents petitioned and so it was redeveloped into a block of apartments.

Bodhi Spa Soiree

The view in the rain (but check out the dramatic sky!)

Bodhi Spa Soiree

The view post-rain

My Treatment at the Bodhi Spa Soiree

Despite having RSVPed for the event before I even received my physical invitation in the post, I failed to sign up for one of the treatments outlined on the card. Thankfully Elijah emailed and suggested the Rosemary Chi Bodhi Himalayan Detox Salt Scrub for me. Having already experienced a Desert Rose mini-facial and Ginger Brew Stimulating Massage I was keen to try something new, even more so as Elijah told me this was his favourite product to date. Upon arrival, we were given a glass of pink fizz but I quickly (temporarily) swapped this for a delicately flavoured white tea which Elijah had picked especially to match my treatment. Sometimes I find white tea too bitter but this blend was right on; delicate, balanced as well as beautifully presented.

Bodhi Spa Soiree

Pink champagne and white tea

After completing my consultation form (and supping up my tea!) I went into one of the bedrooms that had been transformed into a treatment room for the night. My therapist was Emma, whom I had met at the Bodhi Desert Rose Blogger event last year. It was great to have a little catchup prior to the treatment as I prepared for my Shoulder and Back Scrub with Bodhi Rosemary Chi Detox Himalayan Salt Scrub. Emma commented on my lovely colour and asked if I’d been away anywhere, so I told her I had not since November, that Barbados is a distant, yet fond and vivid, memory, and that I was looking forward to our next adventure which is coming as soon as possible!

Once the laying down position was assumed Emma proceeded to sprinkle the scrub on my back and then went to work with the scrub. Unlike other scrubs, this was gentle and buttery, something I experienced first hand when trying out the products later on in the night. The essential oils were uplifting whilst at the same time relaxing as was the scrub – not too hard-going. My skin was left soft, glowing and much silkier to touch. I was super impressed! I left the room feeling as if I were floating and looking rather spaced out, as my fellow guests advised me! Content and happy, I resumed my position between Jennifer from Bare Faced Chic (whom it was delightful to meet after years of typing at for PR clients and tweeting on a personal level!) and the lovely Evelyn from We Were Raised By Wolves and recommenced quaffing the pink bubbly good stuff!

About Bodhi Rosemary Chi Detox Himalayan Salt Scrub

Bodhi Rosemary Chi Detox Himalayan Salt Scrub

Having a play with and a feel of the product I was surprised by its buttery texture, but this explained why the scrub was not as harsh as others I have experienced. It looks like sorbet (see above) and when you move your fingers through it the product makes way for them, rather than collecting in front of them.

The salt crystals in the product are from the rugged Kashmiri Himalayan mountain range and contain all 84 minerals and trace elements essential to human life. These magical crystals help to balance the body’s bioenergetic fields, stimulate cell regeneration, encourage healthy lymph flow and have a calming effect on the body. The blend of essential oils is the same as the other Rosemary Chi products in the range – Top: Petitgrain and Clary Sage Heart: Rosemary, Geranium and Tea Tree Base: Virginia Cedarwood, Galangal and Vetyver – whilst the base is a blend of antioxidant-rich Grape Seed Oil, nourishing organic Shea Butter and Olive Squalene – a nutrient-rich rejuvenating, protecting and moisturising extract from olive stones.

Biteable Beauty’s Verdict on Bodhi Rosemary Chi Detox Himalayan Salt Scrub

What Elijah says – “Months of development have gone into ensuring that every little nuance adds to the sheer beauty of this body treatment. I hope that all of the love and attention showered on this little gem shines through and brings delight to all who discover it.”

What Biteable Beauty says – “This detoxifying salt scrub is soft but effective. It leaves skin not just clean but silky smooth to touch, whilst both the body and mind feel refreshed. The essential oil blend is both revitalising and indulgent – awakening and stimulating to the senses. Looking forward to trying the at-home version for an all over body treat in the home – followed up with a Ginger Brew Stimulating Body Massage!”

Thanks to Elijah and the Bodhi team for inviting me to such a wonderful event, where I got to meet Twitter friends in the flesh; Andy AKA Pampered Prince, Ana Goes Green, Danni Stokes, and Jessica from Spoilt Face (even if I didn’t realise it was her at the time!); see some old faces including of course Elijah, Kelly and Emma from Bodhi and the super talented Garazi photographer; and some new faces such as Teresa and Sam from I Am Into This, Ruth from Rewired PR,  BBC journalist Katie Rowlett and Joanne Malin. Photos from the event can be seen here.

One last thing –  a big thank you to Elijah and the team for our gift bags we got to take away! Inside the branded Bodhi bag was an at-home version of the Bodhi Rosemary Chi Detox Himalayan Salt Scrub (available from June at, and other selected retailers) and an Intrepid Traveller Limited Edition Gift Set

Bodhi Spa Soiree