A Dazed First Day of my New You Boot Camp!

Last May, I attended a New You Boot Camp in a Cornish Coastal Manor. It was a life changing experience! Unfortunately due to family illness I had to leave a day and a half early, nevertheless I still managed to lose a stone! I have since gone on to lose another stone and more is still coming off – I’ll be telling you how I’ve done it later on in this series!

Diary Entry – Biteable Beauty on Boot Camp New You Day 1

Hello, welcome to Biteable Beauty on Boot Camp Day 1. I’ve come to a gorgeous manor in Cornwall on a New You Boot Camp where hopefully I can drop a dress size in a week and get bikini fit for summer.

On arrival we had our briefing before getting weighed measured and meeting with our PTIs to go over our health PARQ forms. I weigh a whopping 14 stone, although 7 ½ of that is muscle, I have 40% body fat, and the metabolic age of a 46 year old but this is down to me being massively dehydrated (despite having drunk a litre of water and two herbal teas today – so I’ve been drinking herbal teas and water ever since!) My visceral fat around my organs is 7%, and anything under 9% is great so happy with that, just got a lot of fat to lose from my ass and thighs then. Once we had all been checked over (there are 18 ladies on the camp in total), we had a little warm up followed by our group fitness assessment. This started with a run over not too long a distance (I’m rubbish at estimating these things) and I came 6th, fairly pleased with my performance! We then did some sit ups and press ups before coming for dinner.

I had been dreading dinner, I thought the portions would be tiny but I feel pleasantly full now. It was also yummy – spinach and kale soup with a small dollop of goat’s yoghurt for starter followed by boot camp bolognese – no spaghetti here though, instead courgette strands which made an excellent wheat-free replacement. We were all coughing throughout dinner, the run most have really opened our lungs. The city air and pollution is being expelled and replaced with this fresh country air.

Tomorrow we rise at 5 am and meet at military 6am (5 minutes before apparently) before we go for a jog/walk for an hour and get served breakfast at 7am – a choice of porridge, granola or scrambled eggs – I’ve gone for the eggs!

Till tomorrow – good night!