Recently during a visit to Whole Foods Camden, I had a consultation and massage with Andrew Sabapathy.  Andrew is a qualified onsite Acupressure chair massage therapist and Indian Head masseuse. His technique combines deep tissue techniques and light movements helping the body to release tension, increase circulation, and help promote inner understanding.

Andrew begins by reading your body. From my reading he ascertained that:

  1. it wouldn’t hurt me to take a day off. How true, I thought. My response of “I know” to this observation was greeted with “you may know, but will you do anything about it?” For the record, I took a day off the very next day.
  2. my sleep was good but could be better.  I have never had any trouble sleeping and neither do I need much sleep.  Recently, however, I have been waking up early in the morning and find myself unable to go back to sleep.  I put this down to my brain going through all the tasks on my long list for the day ahead, and so I find myself on my iPad in bed, emailing, tweeting and facebooking. Getting these trivial but essential tasks out of the way before anyone else has even stirred in the house (Mimi included) gives me a head start.
  3. I walked a lot.  This is true, I like to walk and I have a dog.  I am also training for the Oxfam Trailwalkers trek in July, in which we will endeavour to cover 100km over the South Downs in 30 hours.  I will be keeping you updated about this adventure and our progress.  I couldn’t help but feel that in the “a lot” of Andrew’s sentence he meant “too much”…

Andrew also said that I was angry about something from the past when I said I wasn’t one to hold grudges he told me simply that I should. Wise words again and I couldn’t help thinking he may be on to something.

After some gentle manipulation whilst I was standing, it was time for me to take to the chair. The massage itself was on the whole very relaxing, the uncomfortable moments are probably the ones that were most beneficial.  The pressure points in my neck were excruciating but I felt my neck and shoulder tension dissolve. Andrew also got to work on the knot in my left shoulder blade that sadly is a common complaint of mine. My body felt less congested and looser immediately afterwards. The next day was a different story. Whilst pushing my god daughter’s pram I felt considerable discomfort in my left arm, replaced the next day with mild awkwardness in my middle-right back. I put these feelings down to my body realigning itself and not being used to being in these corrected positions.  The following day however these complaints had vanished. I felt and looked straight, tall and aligned. Needless to say, I will definitely be revisiting Andrew. a physiotherapist once told me that as we get older our spines do tend to become misaligned and that as long as it wasn’t painful it wasn’t a problem. After just one session with Andrew, my spine was straighter than it has been in years and has remained so since.

To make an appointment call Andrew on 07977 194 319 or email