HAYFEVER-POSTI fear I am a little late with this post, dear readers. I’m trying to get more organised with Biteable Beauty, creating seasonal content in good time to share with you. However, as BB is mostly a beloved hobby at the moment it is done purely in my spare time on the weekends. This early bird can usually resize images, schedule the features and plan those for the following week in the 3-4 hours of the morning before Mr BB wakes up.

Unfortunately, this feature fell by the wayside but as I’m still seeing loads of folks suffering at the mercy of pollen I felt it better late than never to share this information. Hay fever has been more prevalent this year than most will have experienced before. The late spring has meant a double whammy of pollen hitting us as tree pollen arrived late and coincided with the grass pollen season which means a greater likelihood of our immune systems losing against hay fever. Bizarrely, my mother has no hay fever symptoms this year and she usually suffers the worst! Whilst I can explain why hay fever virgins are being deflowered (or should that be pollinated!), I cannot account for my mother’s case!

UnBeelievable Health – Bee Prepared for Hay Fever

Whilst mainstream antihistamines can leave you feeling drowsy and dull, there are natural alternatives on the market to help you manage hay fever symptoms without any negative effect. Unlike antihistamines, the effect of UnBeelievable Health is not instantaneous, rather it helps to build up your body’s immune response system so that its defence mechanism is strong and your symptoms minimised. It’s best to start taking the products a few months before hay fever season begins (so February-March time) however a friend who is currently working on a project for the brand (and suffers terribly from hay fever, I think even worse than my dear mother!) started taking the product right at the start of the season and saw a marked improvement in his condition in a few weeks. It’s just over a year since I first wrote about UnBeelievable Health‘s two immune support formulas, BEE Prepared Daily Defence and Max Strength. You can read my first feature about the products here.

Since writing about the products I have started to work with the brand and the feedback about the products is amazing. Case studies of individuals who have been unable to manage symptoms of hay fever and other illness before being introduced to Bee Prepared speak volumes and a friend of mine recently told me that his hay fever symptoms worsened after he ran out of the product. I would recommend taking the Daily Defence product throughout the year, as this is not just for hay fever, the product helps with your immune system and therefore taking DD regularly means you are less likely to 1) fall ill during the cough and cold season, 2) catch the various lurgeys that do the rounds in the office and 3) pick up any stomach upsets when you travel on holiday. Since taking these products I have been less ill in terms coughs and colds, this year I didn’t catch either, and viruses! As we’re only human and don’t possess superpowers, keep the Max Strength product in reserves for when you do feel like you’re coming down with something, when you are pushing yourself mentally or physically to the limit (read times of stress!), or if the pollen count soars through the roof as a precautionary measure!

What is Hay Fever?

Hay fever symptoms are the result of our immune system reacting to harmless pollen particles in the same way as our immune system would respond to harmful antigens. An antigen is any substance that causes your body to produce antibodies, ‘Y’ shaped proteins that protect our bodies from infection and disease. In this immune response, immunoglobulin E antibodies (IgE) detect the pollen ‘antigens’ and activate mast cells and T helper cells (specifically type 2 or Th2 cells). The increase of Th2 cells and the mast cell histamine release in the mucosa and peripheral blood result in inflammation, hay fever symptoms and atopic conditions. This reaction within the body results in aggravating symptoms such as sneezing, itchy and watery eyes, running nose, and itchy skin. In layman’s terms, little pieces of pollen enter our body, our body thinks it is under attack, releases antibodies and histamine which in turn causes inflammation of our cells creating the aforementioned symptoms. UnBeelievable not only helps boost immunity, the ingredients inside are bursting with natural anti-histamines to counteract the body’s natural defence mechanism. It’s working in two ways to eliminate hay fever symptoms, which I think is why the products are so effective!

Hay Max – Minimises Hay Fever!

The other product well worth a mention, which works very complimentarily with UnBeelievable is Hay Max. I gave this product to some folks and they looked at me very suspiciously, as if to say “how is a balm going to help with my hay fever?!” However, if you were paying attention in the last paragraph you will remember that the reactions in hay fever are down to pollen getting in the body! By applying Hay Max Organic Drug-Free Balm around your eyes, nostrils and mouth, you are attempting to stop pollen from entering your body as it will hopefully get caught in the balm, thus preventing any runny eyes, nose, excess mucous etc.

Finally, two other staples hay fever sufferers should not leave the house without; sunglasses, the bigger the better as they are acting as a barrier to prevent pollen entering the eyes, and tissues, because nobody likes an unprepared snuffler/sniffler/sneezer on public transport, in the office or in the pub! Have you used either of these natural hay fever remedies, or perhaps something different worked for you? I’d love to hear from you!

Natural Hay Fever Remedies