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Made for Life by Spiezia Organics Moisturising Hand Balm Organic Credentials

In 1999, Spiezia Organics was the first UK company to achieve 100% organic certification across the entire Spiezia Organics range of products from the Soil Association. Made for Life by Spiezia Organics continue to work closely with the Soil Association to help create and enforce accreditation for beauty products.

Rebecca’s Review

A highly effective moisturising hand product, this balm is oil-based rather than water-based which means it delivers deeper moisturisation. It smells AMAZING too – a heady blend of sweet orange and ylang-ylang essential oils. You only need a tiny amount to do your hands, and I’ve been using on my feet too as an overnight treatment. The product takes a while to work into the hands, but once it is absorbed the end result is incredibly soft, smooth hands with a beautiful sheen to the skin.

Eline’s Review

Rebecca’s review pretty much sums up how I feel about this product as well. It looks great, it smells great, it IS great! This Made for Life by Spiezia Organics Moisturising Hand Balm is a very rich balm indeed. Thanks to the olive oil and beeswax your hands are moisturised and soft within seconds. The hand balm is about £20 but it’s totally worth the investment. Because the product is not water-based (which most hand creams are) you only need a very small amount and it will last much longer.

Katria’s Review

Hand creams can be one of my worst nightmares. As I’ve mentioned before, I suffer from eczema and sensitive skin, and over the years I have found that my worst cases can be on my hands. I have to be extremely picky about what kind of products I decide to use on my hands. The Spiezia Organics Moisturizing Hand Balm is very potent and has a thick texture, but not easily absorbing into my skin. The smell is wonderful but I found this Hand Balm to be quite harsh on my eczema, causing my hands to itch and become dry.

Made for Life by Spiezia Organics Soft Touch Intensive Hand Balm £22

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Avalon Organics Argan Oil Damage Control Hair Care Review Sun, 10 Sep 2017 10:30:24 +0000


Avalon Organics Argan Oil Damage Control


Avalon Organics hair care was one of the first natural and organic hair care brands I tried, years ago. Not Avalon Organics Argan Oil Damage Control but a different product. I didn’t get on very well with the formula, my bad experience was with the Ylang Ylang variety: smelt amazing; didn’t rinse well from my hair at all. Regular readers will know that I do tend to have a problem with some natural and organic formulas not removing themselves fully from my hair despite long, long rinses.


This initial experience put me off trying Avalon Organics hair care for a long time, despite the products going through a reformulation last year, and the launch of the Therapy Hair Care line prior to this. After recently reading a really good review online however of the Avalon Organics Argan Oil Damage Control Shampoo and Conditioner, I decided now was the time to test the water with Avalon Organics hair care once more.


I love argan oil as a beauty ingredient, but I must admit it hasn’t played that much of a role in my beauty regimen in recent months compared to a few years ago. You can read one of my favourite posts on argan oil here. I used to use argan oil and clay on my hair as my treatment and I loved how clean, soft and manageable my hair felt. I can see similar results happening with these Avalon Organics Argan Oil Damage Control products.


Avalon Organics Argan Oil Damage Control Hair Care Review


The shampoo is a gel-like consistency, possibly even a bit thicker than most mainstream products, and it does create a considerable lather even on the first wash, but more so on the second. The conditioner is a cream, a bit like a whip, and seems to just instantly absorb into my hair on application. But does it rinse out? That’s the question! I’m glad to say that yes, it really does!


The products also smell incredible, which I always favour in hair care products. The shampoo is aloe vera based and has that squeaky clean aloe scent underlying, but also a nutty-ness from the argan that is entwined with a sweeter note which I believe is from the vanillin. The end result is a delicious, similar to sweet almond, but this ingredient does not feature in the list. The same goes for the conditioner. I love marzipan, and so this scent is a real pleaser for me.


Whilst Avalon Organics Argan Oil Damage Control hair care is not the cheapest, but I wouldn’t say it was overpriced. £8.99 each for the shampoo and conditioner is a fair price, particularly as I have observed I don’t need all that much product per application. I think these products will last a good few months in our household, given the size of them (414ml shampoo and 397g conditioner).


As well as argan oil, the products feature jojoba oil, calendula extract and quinoa protein to help keep hair healthy and nourished. After the first use, I noticed my hair felt softer, smooth and was detangled after using the conditioner. I would recommend these products to anyone who is concerned about damage happening to their hair; be it through overuse of heated styling products, exposure to UV from the sun, or pollution in the city.

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The Natural Beauty Box Review – April Edition Gold n Delicious Thu, 31 Aug 2017 16:07:57 +0000 2017-biteable-beauty-the-natural-beauty-box-april

I can only apologise to Emma and the team at The Natural Beauty Box for not writing about their April beauty box sooner than (ahem) August! The box was actually “put away” (I think by Mr BB) in my blog store and was only rediscovered when it came to moving house!


Back at the forefront of my stash, I looked into The Natural Beauty Box some more. The box launched in January 2017 and costs £24.95 per month, which is comparable to the Vertue Box reviewed earlier this year. For every box sold, 50p is donated to charity, so far Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary and The Marine Conservation Society have been the beneficiaries.


Unlike Vertue Box, The Natural Beauty Box is monthly, with subscribers receiving 4-6 natural, organic and cruelty free beauty products. The mix is travel and full size. I received 5 products: two full size, one travel size, a lip balm and a bath bomb, with a value of £56.50, which really represents value for beauty box shoppers- a saving of over £30! The Natural Beauty Box work with both more established brands and smaller artisan specialists. Their aim is to support indie UK businesses, and I can see from the selection in my box that they are succeeding in this mission!


Here are the contents of my box sent from The Natural Beauty Box:


Isla Apothecary Lemongrass & Rosemary Renew Foot Scrub (200g retails for £21, this is 120g so value equates to £12.60)


I was so glad to receive a product from Isla Apothecary, for it has been on my radar for a while now but I never picked anything up. This foot scrub is fabulous, I love the bright lemongrass blended with a more grounding rosemary, and the exfoliating parts, ground pumice and Epsom salts no less, are really effective at getting rid of any unsightly bits you may have accumulated on your feet (let’s face it, summer’s been a bit shit so with less wearing of sandals often comes less pedicured feet!) There are also some lovely oils to help nourish as you scrub: sweet almond and baobab, and also pure vitamin E. I would definitely buy again!


Myroo Skincare Superfood Balm 40g £25


I followed up my foot exfoliation with this balm and slipped on my socks for an overnight treatment. It’s quite slow to sink in so best to keep for overnight use, or for times when you aren’t in a hurry to get out the door. I also used as an overnight treatment on my hands, as a nail conditioner, and for a bit of self-massage one evening (the advantages of being a slow to sink in product 🙂 ) Myroo say that you can also use for dry and chapped patches, fly away hair ends and eyebrows.


The texture is really buttery, and there are so many skin-loving ingredients inside: the usual suspects such as sunflower seed oil, mango seed butter, papaya seed oil, avocado butter, red raspberry seed oil, olive oil and vitamin E, but then some more unusual ingredients such as broccoli seed oil and cucumber seed oil and coriander seed oil. The balm is very cucumber-y in fragrance, which I like, it’s different to the norm.


Fitzjohn Skincare Golden Body Oil 50ml £15


I opened the cap to this bottle and suddenly felt very happy. I wasn’t convinced by the packaging (I think if you are going to sell a luxury product, you must package it to talk the talk and walk the walk) but when I read the contents and smelt the frangipani absolute I was happy. The blend contains moringa, apricot kernel, macadamia nut and passion flower oils, coconut butter, vitamin E, sea buckthorn extract and the aforementioned fragrance of frangipani absolute (pure exotic bliss!)


The oil has a gorgeous orange hue, thanks to the sea buckthorn, is ever so quick to absorb, and leaves the gorgeous scent on your skin. Best applied to slightly damp skin post showering or bathing, however I’ve also added a few drops to my bath water in order to indulge myself with a most fragrant bathing experience. LOVE!!


Aromatherapy Ylang Ylang Bath Bomb £1.80 per bath bomb


This is the only product I am yet to try, I think it’s bath night tonight, so I will be sure to update! I located this product on Etsy previously but it has vanished in less than a week!


Fruu Mango Lip Balm £2.99


It’s funny. I always seem to end up with loads of lip balms, but I don’t really use them! I suppose because they are a relatively low value item they are the thing of beauty boxes, goodie bags and brand gifts. My all-time favourites still have to be Dizao Organics colour lip balms, mostly because their colours are amazing and the product is easy to apply, just like a lip balm!


Anyway, I digress… Fruu Mango Lip Balm is a fruity experience, mango fans will not be disappointed. The balm goes on silky-smooth and melts into the lips.

What are your favourite beauty boxes? I think in terms of both value and quality The Natural Beauty Box is up there for me!


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Heal the Womb with a Yoni Steam! Fri, 18 Aug 2017 08:32:54 +0000 2017-biteable-beauty-yoni-steam-heal-the-womb-2


Every now and then I pick up a product I’m not sure I should write about. I’m all for alternative therapies when there are evidence-based facts to back them up (even if it is the placebo effect. If it works, who cares how?!) but when is little or no substantiating evidence to back something up, I always err on the side of caution.


And so on to today’s subject of Yoni Steams…


I picked up my Heal the Womb sample at the last CAM Expo ever. To be fair, it was attached to some very interesting literature about fertility massage therapy and Womb Awareness Week (who knew!) On reading this I learnt a few interesting facts:


  1. the womb is approximately 3 inches long, 2 inches broad and 1 inch thick.
  2. the womb can double in weight during menstruation (from 1-2oz to 2-4oz) putting pressure on any organs the womb rests against.


On a more serious note, it is estimated that 80-90% of us women have a misaligned womb, and there are several potential culprits including high heels, poor seating posture, weak core muscles and running, aerobics and weight lifting in the pre-menstrual phase. I was shocked to read this, so all ladies who go to the gym please avoid heavy lifting both three days before and during your period.


I was also shocked to read that pain, although common, is not a normal part of menstruation. I tend to have a constant ache during periods, and although not intense it is tiresome! For me I’ve found getting as much magnesium as possible into my body really helps (as well as eating magnesium-rich foods, injecting, bathing and oral supplements – any way I can get it!) and this month I was taking Essential Woman by Barlean’s and my period woes were lessened to an extent, though I’m not sure if it was down to this product or the perfect timing of my magnesium shot.


The bizarre practice of Yoni Steams came to light in recent times through dear old Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop but has been practised for thousands of years in Eastern medicine. That said, there are precisely zero clinical studies to back up this ritual, and plenty of doctors saying negative things about vaginal steaming. I did, however, find a medical doctor, a gynaecologist no less, saying more positive things about the procedure and how you should listen to your body. You can read more here but I would like to thank Lissa Rankin MD for speaking out against the rest of the noise and I am ordering your book to have more of a read!


I’m not going to harp on about the health benefits or dangers of yoni steams, because I can’t tell you what is medical fact or fiction, but I am going to tell you about my experience. Someone who went in very dismissive of the whole event and came out more open to it all. First up, many health experts and non-health experts have said that a vaginal steam could be dangerous to your lady bits; causing disruption to your flora and the like. But hold on a minute…. we have saunas, we have steam rooms, we have jacuzzis, why not the concern about these? Sit with your legs open in a naked sauna (how uncouth!) and what have you got?


Heal the Womb Yoni Steam Herbs


I think one of the reasons I was put off partaking in the v steam for so long was the fact I had been reading the name printed on pack: “heal the womb” as “heal thy womb”. I was thinking this pack sounded a bit up its own ass, never mind getting up in my vee-jay-jay! But one night recently, possibly because I have moved to the countryside and Mr BB was out (and there’s not all that much to do in the countryside- I love it!) I took the plunge and put the pan of herbs on the stove to boil.


I have an electric hob now, and had a bit of an accident – you just don’t have the same control as gas! So excuse the mess but admire the action shot of the water bubbling!




The herbs you see boiling up inside are Lavender, Chamomile, Yarrow, Jasmine , Marigold, Rosemary, Rose, Mistletoe & Lemon-Balm.


I hopped over to the website and this is the description I found:


“The energy of this blend focuses on fertility, love, purification, healing and unlocking a closed root chakra. Helping to connect to spirit, encourage prophetic dreams & assist with those wishing to connect and bond to their future babies.


The energy of herbs connects to the 4 elements; Air, Fir, Water & Earth, the Masculine & Feminine energy, the Sun, Moon & Venus and Goddess Isis.”




After boiling up the herbs I decided the easiest way would be to use an old bowl in a small insulated cardboard box and stick it in the toilet bowl, one of the recommended ways online. There are quite a few “DIY ottoman” projects online for the experience but I ain’t got time for that, my herbs are already boiled and steeped! A few comments online had me thinking that the steam would be incredibly hot, potentially posing a health threat to my lady bits.


The eventuality is that the vaginal steam was nowhere near as intense as a facial steam is for me. The warmth is comforting (don’t worry, Mr BB was only away for one evening, I’m not so lonely in the sticks that I’m seeking comfort in a yoni steam) and there is certainly some sweating going on down there (am I just stating the obvious here or what?!) but the heat is never unbearable or even close to it.


As for the after-effects… I was not expecting to feel any different post-treatment, certainly not any closer to my future baby, and I didn’t initially notice anything at all. But the heat and steam obviously brought more blood flow to the area, and with more blood flow comes more feeling, and completely anecdotally, I have more feeling down there than before. And even anecdotally, that’s got to be a good thing, right?!


If you’ve made it to the end of this 1000+ word blog, you deserve a bonus! And here it is, I found this video whilst researching yoni steams. You’re welcome!

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New Pacifica Skincare Review Wed, 09 Aug 2017 16:37:58 +0000 2017-biteable-beauty-pacifica-skincare-main


I was very excited to hear that Pacifica skincare was coming to our fair shores a few months ago.


I love the ethics of Pacifica, and I was already a fan of their fragrance and makeup, so I was keen to give their natural skincare a go.


First up, Pacifica Coconut Water Micellar Cleansing Tonic. There are three different micellar waters in the Pacifica skincare range: cactus water (for all skin types), kale water (for oily and blemish prone skin) and coconut water (for all skin types especially stressed). As you’ll probably know if you read this blog occasionally, I am a huge coconut fan so of course I plumped for this one!


It’s important to understand the function of a micellar water. Originally designed for use backstage (runways or theatres), micellar waters are designed for those times when you have no access to water. They are not supposed to be used as a replacement to a cleanser every day. Personally, I keep the bottle near my bedside with some cotton pads and utilise on the late lazy nights, or at times when I’ve not ventured out of the house all day! Micellar waters are also a great option for festivals of course!


Anyway, back to my review. I love the smell, and the product is quite effective at lifting everything off, but micellar water does take quite a while to get rid of all the dirt, makeup and the rest of it. If I’m removing bronzer and CC cream it does take a few goings over. I also found the product good for removing my eye makeup, only to read a small warning on the side of the bottle to avoid contact with eyes! I’ve read a few other reviews of the Pacifica micellar waters and other people have experienced a burning sensation…. not I! However, when it comes to safety instructions best to follow them, so don’t try this at home kids!


Next up, Pacifica Wake Up Beautiful Superhydration Sleepover Mask. This is my favourite product out of all the ones I have tried so far! It has a creamy consistency and once applied although in part the cream is absorbed you can still feel a masked layer on your face (for otherwise, it would be a cream and not a mask!). The scent is a gorgeous floral blend led by rose and jasmine, perfect for encouraging restful sleep and peaceful dreams, particularly with a little bit of chamomile thrown in for good measure! Four of the most standout ingredients for me are: hydrolyzed rice protein, rich in amino acids and hydrolyzed to help penetrate the skin; rice bran oil, a great source of antioxidants (with over 100 different types of the little guys!); mushroom stem extract, very much on trend as an  ingredient, but also rich in polysaccharides which help our skin to retain moisture; and hyaluronic acid, another hydrating molecule. Fast forward to the next morning and my skin appears more dewy and radiant than before, Wake Up Beautiful Superhydration Sleepover Mask is the perfect remedy for your face after a day in the sunshine, or perhaps a day of being stressed out!


Pacifica Glow Baby Youthful Salvation Walnut Face Scrub is a close second to my favourite Pacifica skincare product out of the ones I’ve tried. The exfoliating particles are finely ground walnut shells, fine enough not to be overly harsh or abrasive, but not so fine that you can’t feel them serving their purpose. I always thought that the product was almond scented, but upon reading the ingredients there is no sign of almond or a natural fragrance blend! So I took a slightly closer inspection (with my nose) and have worked out that the geranium essential oil is hitting the sweet marzipan notes that the sweet almond oil would, whilst lavender and chamomile provide a bit more body to the scent. Just like the mask, this product contains hyaluronic acid but also contains jojoba and flax seed oil to help condition skin. There are also some fruit enzymes to further aid with the lifting away of dead skin cells.


One product I did not get on so well with was the Pacifica Hot Vegan Probiotic & Spice Mask. Not because of the overall effect, but more because of the consistency of the product. It’s incredibly thin and runny, not what you would expect of a mask. In fact, the first time I opened the product a sizeable amount came out straight onto the floor! Oops! If this were my product, I’d either make it more like a gel, or alternatively put a pump on it and call it a serum mask. The mask is designed to clarify skin as well as energise, I don’t really have issues with blemishes but my skin did feel very clean and refreshed after use.




Lastly, and worthy of a mentioned, the Pacifica Purify Coconut Facial Cleansing Wipes. Like the micellar water, not to be used in place of a cleanser but a great alternative when there is no water available, or for those lazy nights or days. The coconut water is really hydrating and gives these face wipes a lovely fragrance. They are also biodegradable so threat not if you are eco-conscious and have read otherwise about face wipes!


Next on my wishlist to try is the Coconut Probiotic Water Rehab Cream. Everyone I know who has tried it has loved it! What about you? Have you tried any of the Pacifica skincare range? Would love to hear your faves, leave a comment below 🙂

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Sprinkle Some Superfoods to Supercharge Your Day! Mon, 07 Aug 2017 06:52:49 +0000 2017-biteable-beauty-sprinkling-superfoods-spirulina-flax-chia-seed-cinnamon

Sprinkling superfoods. It may sound faddy and it’s certainly backed by some fad-sters, but is there something in this trend? In fact, adding a little sprinkle of certain superfoods can add not just flavour and texture to your meals but also provide some proven health benefits that you might not even have considered. My nutritionist pals are at it, and I generally agree with all their healthy eating habits. That said, sprinkling superfoods is only part of the picture, what is even more important is what you are sprinkling on! Be sure to eat a balanced diet, combining good quality protein at every meal, plenty of fresh and locally grown seasonal fruit and vegetables, and drink lots and lots of water!

Here are some of my favourite superfood sprinkles, and some of those benefits you can start reaping today!


Cinnamon helps lower blood sugar levels, can improve sensitivity to the hormone insulin and may help negate potential weight gain caused by blood sugar imbalance. A review of published papers has even pointed to the fact that cinnamon may be beneficial for the treatment of type II diabetes[1]. Cinnamon is frequently overlooked as a superfood, but if you look through South American and Mediterranean cultures you can see that these folk have known how to use cinnamon for years. Cinnamon sticks in coffee, pisco sours sprinkled with cinnamon, lasagne and cannelloni lightly spiced with cinnamon; all foods and drinks that can disrupt our blood sugar and hormone levels.

Top tips for cinnamon: Add to your coffee or hot chocolate, puddings, pastries, cocktails and definitely those cheesy sauces!

Try: Organic Traditions Full Spectrum Cinnamon

Not sure about the combination of cinnamon with your favourite foods? You can also buy cinnamon in supplement form.

Besides from helping you with blood sugar regulation, cinnamon has a multitude of health benefits including heart protection, anti-inflammatory, rich in antioxidants, brain function, and may even possess anti-carcinogenic properties!


Spirulina contains lots of iron as well as a cocktail of antioxidants and vitamins, including vitamin B12 and vitamin K (the forgotten vitamin!) A superfood with many health benefits. Spirulina was a traditional foodstuff of the Aztecs and the Kanem. This microscopic equatorial algae is now mostly used as a dietary supplement, but brand Gourmet Spirulina offers spirulina superfood in various convenient food formats with great taste. Choose from nibs, crunchies, petals and flakes.

A research team found that one of spirulina’s key phytochemicals, phycocyanobilin, one of several unique blue pigments in spirulina, inhibits the activity of several damaging compounds in tobacco smoke in vascular tissue and the lungs[2].

Top tips for spirulina: add to your salads, sprinkle on your soups, but for something a bit more out there try on your dark chocolate desserts! Trust me, it really works! The bitterness of the chocolate blends with the spirulina and it just tastes of chocolatey goodness.

Again, you can always buy spirulina in pill form if you can’t hack the taste.

Flax Seed

High in fibre, flax is definitely one to consider if your pathways of elimination are a bit backed up 😉  Flax is native to the Middle East, and has been used for centuries as a food, medicine and for textiles. Although you can buy ready ground, this format can oxidise and lessen the health benefits, so it is, therefore, better to buy the whole seed and grind yourself.

One paper has suggested that supplementing a healthy diet with flax can help with weight management[3]. There are even some indications that flax, which is rich in phytoestrogens, may decrease the risk of hormone-dependent cancers.

Top tips for flax: sprinkle on yoghurt, salad, soup, cereal, smoothies, even your pancakes!

Try: Barlean’s Forti-Flax – which are cold milled to minimise oxidation.

Chia Seed

Chia seeds, besides from their omega-3s, contain vitamins A, B, E, and D and minerals such as calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, molybdenum, niacin, phosphorous, potassium, silicon, sodium, sulphur, thiamine, and zinc. Also just like flax, chia seed are high in fibre.

If you are an athlete, you may wish to consider a little sprinkle of chia. The micro but mighty seed was the original food of Aztec messengers. The gelatinous external layer slows your body’s conversion rate of carbs to sugar, which means sustained energy levels for longer. That said, a study showed no positive effect of chia seed consumption on the performance of endurance exercisers[4] although plasma ALA levels were raised. With ALA being a potent antioxidant, this backs up to some degree the findings of another study that chia seed consumption reduced oxidative stress in vivo[5].

Chia can also hold 12 times its weight of water, so when you are not sprinkling a chia pudding is a great way to rehydrate!

Top tips for chia seeds: like flax, chia is pretty versatile! Add some crunchy texture to your porridge, cereal, pasta dishes, smoothies and salads.

Try: Nutiva Chia Seeds



[2] “Carvedilol and spirulina may provide important health protection to smokers and other nicotine addicts: a call for pertinent research” in Missouri Medecine 2015 Jan-Feb;112(1):72-5.




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My Tangle Teezer Haul from Look Fantastic Thu, 03 Aug 2017 06:56:45 +0000 I’m putting my £70+ splurge on Look Fantastic on Tangle Teezers down to moving house.

Last week, we moved house. In stressful times, I sometimes behave slightly erratically.  More on these hair brushes I love shortly, but first a bit of storytelling.

Mr BB is frequently telling me I need to brush my hair. Sometimes prompted (me: “do I look Ok?”) other times not (him: “have you brushed your hair?!”) this is occasionally asked just after I have brushed my hair!

I don’t take offence, and before Mr BB was saying it, it was my Mum! I simply have a lot of hair, it is long, and quite unruly. Some days I brush it and by the time I get out the door or wherever I am going to, it needs going over again.

I grew up through the 90s, grunge and metal were strong social groups in our school. Messy hair rocked then, and I never really grew out of it. My hair is very good at the “just got out of bed” look, and personally, I like my wavy, slightly tousled hair.

I think my aversion to hair brushing stems from childhood, when my mother would inadvertently subject me to torture by way of combs and brushes daily. It hurt, there were lots of “ouch” moments and complaints getting all those knots out, but it had to be done.

If only there was an easier way… well, there is in my view. Tangle Teezers. The company now worth a reported £200 million was once turned down by Dragon’s Den. I bet they’re breathing fire after missing that trick!

I first discovered these hair brush meets a comb devices a few years ago, and have never looked back. I have the classic big pink and purple combo, and the limited edition Lulu Guinness option already but they are starting to wear out and look a bit tired. Unlike some other hair brushes, they are relatively inexpensive to replace. Prices start at £11- there’s no ouch in that.

The main catalyst for my splurge was trying my Mum’s Tangle Teezer Aqua Splash on my last visit home. I always try to keep a wide toothed comb in the bathroom but I invariably move it and don’t realise till I am mid shower so end up not combing my hair through till it’s towel-dried.

The Aqua Splash is going to take pride of place in my bathroom. One for the fact that’s the room it should live in and two, it glides through my wet hair leaving it tangle free!


Next up, Tangle Teezer The Ultimate Hair Brush. Another brush I tried at my Mum’s. Now, I am not really sure why this or the other designs pass through my hair so much easier than your standard hair brush but they do! Plus it is in a pretty pink colour, but if you prefer you can always go for the stealth black option!


I also invested in a Thick & Curly design to see how that suited my hair as sometimes, at my nape especially, it takes a few goes to get the knots out. I found this Thick & Curly Tangle Teezer even more effective, particularly in those hard to reach places, such as the nape of the neck where I have an accumulation of loads of hair!!

The one brush I’ve not tried yet is the Styling brush, purely because I’ve yet to come to the box with my hairdryer in! But I will be sure to share my thoughts once I have tried it.

Last but not least, I just couldn’t resist this Star Wars edition Tangle Teezer- what discerning Star Wars fan could?! I mean a hairbrush with C3PO, Chewie, Yoda, Stormtroopers and Darth Vader on it?! Amazeballs!


If you’ve tried any of the many hair brushes in this collection, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the Tangle Teezer collection! Leave a comment below.

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Organic Beauty & Wellbeing Week #OBWW #lookforthelogo Sun, 21 May 2017 10:27:07 +0000 2017_biteable_beauty_organic_beauty_wellbeing_week_soil_association_look_for_the_logo



Monday 15th May saw the media briefing morning for press on Organic Beauty & Wellbeing Week 2017. This was the first time the week has stood apart from Organic September. The format was the same as last year’s Organic Beauty Week, with a few familiar faces on the panel:



Tanya Hawkes from Therapi, Paul Richards from Herbfarmacy, Cheryl Thallon from Viridian, Fran Johnson from Neal’s Yard Remedies, Emma Roberts, head of sales and business development at Voya, Michael Miller of the London Meditation Centre and chairing was Lauren Bartley from the Soil Association.


I always enjoy a good panel discussion, mostly because it brings out the best points from people and their brands, helping me as a writer to give you readers (as well as myself!) a greater insight into the subject at hand.  Here are some of the key points I took away and want you all to know:


  1. Organic is more than just no use of pesticides when growing crops. It’s a way of life that represents sustainability and maintenance of biodiversity. Through choosing to use organic, you are not just making a better decision for your skin and body, but for the whole planet. From the people who grow the crops, all the other billions of people who share this home with you, and our rich tapestry of wildlife and nature.
  2. Organic works. As Paul Richards from Herbfarmacy said “we create organic products that excel and perform”. For many years, consumers have been hoodwinked into thinking that natural and organic does not perform as well as mainstream, and that products have to be from one of the big names to actually work, when actually when you find the right organic products for you, I’m willing to put money on them outperforming your previous beauty love. Reason being, there are not any cheap filler chemicals in the products, just a concentration of the goodness of nature. Ingredients rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fats your skin, or hair, needs.
  3. Organic isn’t more expensive, comparatively. If you were to take a mainstream beauty product and compare to an organic product, active ingredients gram for gram or ml for ml,  you would find the organic product far more potent than the mainstream product, which would likely be mostly water and cheap fillers. With a greater concentration of active and beneficial ingredients in the product, you will use less per application. Also, organic products are often created in bigger sizes with environmental footprints in mind (think packaging and logistics) so always look at the size of the product you are buying before you baulk at the price.
  4. Organic is better than natural. The quality of organically grown ingredients when compared to natural is considerable: The University of Newcastle found that organic produce had up to 60% higher concentration of antioxidants compared to the same inorganically grown product. The organic crops also contained less nitrogen and less heavy metals. So by choosing organic, you are not just limiting your exposure to pesticides and heavy metals but also choosing a more concentrated product.
  5. Just because it says “organic” doesn’t mean it is. And, sadly, natural no longer means natural. There is no governing body or clause in the trade descriptions act that regulates the use of the terms “natural” or “organic” on beauty products. Even if a product is natural, it can still contain toxic agricultural chemicals and it can still be a GMO, this is sadly the world we live in today. Which is why if you are buying natural or organic, it is always important to look for the logo! Soil Association and USDA are the two main organic certifiers, but then you have Ecocert who certify both organic and natural products, and NATRUE and BDIH who both certify natural products. All these bodies have varying standards of naturalness and organicness, so even when there is a logo it can be confusing!   


One of the biggest take-homes from this panel that I think it is important everyone actions: “question everything”. Cheryl of Viridian Nutrition said “you are only as good as the questions you ask” and “you don’t know what you don’t know”. With her background in journalism, Cheryl admitted she is very nosey by nature and has since transferred this skill to her role as a manufacturer. As consumers, which we all are, we must dig deeper and get to know just what the ingredients in the list are, what all the various logos mean, and most importantly what ingredients might be in mainstream or natural products that are not specified on the list. If a brand has nothing to hide, they will be transparent, and more than willing to share this information with you. If not, question everything!


The other big message I want people to always keep at the forefront of their minds, which was summed up perfectly by two statements. Firstly, Cheryl from Viridian Nutrition made a very wise statement: “the best way to get people healthy is to get the envionment healthy,” which led Paul from Herbfarmacy to the question “why put something topical on or take a pill that’s not good for the environment?” because in doing this you are not being healthy to yourself in the long run.


Are you aware of the difference between natural and organic? If you have any questions that you need clearing up, leave a comment below!

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March Empties – inc. Aurelia Probiotic Skincare, Tabitha James Kraan & AEOS Fri, 14 Apr 2017 10:46:04 +0000 2017-biteable-beauty-blog-empties-march-aurelia-tabitha-james-kraan-apples-bears

Got quite a few beauty empties to share with you from last month! Here are the fab beauty products I got to the bottom of in the month of March. Featuring AEOS, Apples & Bears, OilArganic, Human+kind, Monta Monta, Sans [Ceuticals] and more!

Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Refine & Polish Miracle Balm

First up, I must congratulate Aurelia Probiotic Skincare for their award wins in the Natural Health Magazine Beauty Awards. I first tried their products last year and I was very impressed with all products I tried. It’s definitely in my top 5 skincare brands! This miracle balm is a fab multitasking product. You can use as an exfoliator, and it’s gentle enough to use every day. It’s an enzymatic exfoliator and leaves skin feeling so smooth. You can also use as a mask. Simply apply and leave on for five minutes to help remove dead skin cells from the surface layer.

Something I loved about all Aurelia Probiotic Skincare products was the fragrance. This product features chamomile, eucalyptus, rosemary and bergamot. They blend amazingly well, and whilst eucalyptus is not an obvious choice for skincare, in my opinion, there was something extremely refreshing about the fragrance.

Tabitha James Kraan Organic Hair Cleanser Golden Citrus

First up it’s important to point out this is a low foaming hair cleanser, and not a shampoo. No rich lather here, just a gorgeous smelling, stays-close-to-the-scalp 86% certified organic cleanser. A bottle of this lasts ages – this one had been going for around a year but I haven’t been using exclusively – I’d say this would last around 6 months using consistently! According to the packaging, you only need 5 to 10 pumps depending upon yor hair length and thickness, however I have long hair and a lot of it so I tend to end up having to use around 12-15 pumps. I start with 7 for my scalp and then another 5 and I see how far these go through to the ends. The product leaves my hair in great condition, hence my fastidiousness in applying all over! I’m also just starting to use the 4-in-1 Conditioner, my review on this coming soon. In the meantime, you can read my other review of Tabitha James Kraan products here.

Unfortunately I missed Tabitha James Kraan at the Natural Products Europe show this year, however I have spied a hair oil on their site, which I am very keen to try next!

AEOS Cleansing Oil De-Maq

I’ve been using more creamy cleansers through the winter months, however I still loved using this Cleansing Oil from AEOS. It’s designed for skin that tends to be dehydrated, which explains why I me and my skin were happy in using this through the winter months. As well as taking off all the dirt your skin picks up throughout the day, it’s also great at removing eye makeup. AEOS have their own bio-dynamic farm in Lincolnshire where they grow their ingredients and create their own essential oils and plant extracts. They also combine the energies of gems and crystals in their products to produce activated, energised and organic skincare, which is where the name AEOS comes from!

Apples & Bears Grapefruit & Seaweed Body Wash

A light and refreshing body wash that leaves skin feeling soft and smooth. The body wash is quite low foaming but still feels creamy on the skin. Grapefruit contains vitamins A and C and seaweed is detoxifying and can help reduce cellulite. Apples & Bears also make Body Silk – a lotion that is light and non-greasy, and ever so easily absorbed – particularly when applied to clean skin fresh out of the shower and ever so slightly damp!

Sans [Ceuticals] Nourishing Hair Wash

I love Sans [Ceuticals] so much, and I’m really surprised that it hasn’t taken off more so in the UK. That said, it is stocked in some great niche places including Glasshouse Shop and Brummells of London. I recently took my girls on a spa day and shared this shampoo and conditioner around. Everyone loved the products. They smell so great, and they also help de-tangle hair, which is important when you have a lot of hair like me!

As well as Sans [Ceuticals] Nourishing Conditioner, I’ve also been using the Moisture & Protein Infusion treatment, and my ends are definitely feeling the postive effect of this product.  You can read my full review of Sans [Ceuticals] here.

Montamonta Sage & Coffee Body Scrub

LOVE this coffee scrub, but using it has inspired me to start using my own coffee grounds to create a body scrub. As well as coffee, there’s sage essential oils, vitamin E and Epsom salts, in a base of sweet almond oil and coconut oil. It’s an invigorating scrub with circulation-boosting properties, and leaves skin feeling super soft and smooth.

 OilArganic 100% Natural Certified Organic Moisturising Multi-Use Dry Oil

This oil was loved by both me and Mr BB, always the sign of a good product when he gives his seal of approval. The oil is a great multi-tasker; use for hair, body and even on your face whenever your skin is in need of a pick-me-up. It’s designed for use with TanArganic, a great self-tan if you are looking for one. OilArganic helps to keep your self-tan even and may prolong you tan. As well as argan oil, there’s orange peel oil which gives the product its fragrance, olive oil, hemp seed oil, jojoba seed oil, evening primrose oil, rosehip fruit oil, macadamia oil, sweet almond oil and borage seed oil. A bevy of beauty oils blended to create this lovely oil.

 Human+Kind All-in-One Body Oil

Another body oil that came to its end in March. This is a multitasking oil again suitable for hair, body and face. It’s an effective oil, but doesn’t have much of a scent, and for me products are mostly about fragrance! That said, the blend of sunflower oil, jojoba oil, wheat germ oil, soya oil, arnica and vitamin E.

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Vertue Box – Beauty Review Sun, 26 Mar 2017 11:34:19 +0000

Just before my blogging break I was sent a review sample of Vertue Box, a health and beauty subscription that gives you the opportunity to try the best of natural products.  They feature well-known, award-winning products alongside new independent brands. Their brand partners have been rigorously tested and chosen based on their values and ethics.

Vertue Box’s ethos is “Live Green. Live Good.” They offer a clean, green and cruelty-free health and beauty subscription box, and you can also buy the products featured in the box individually if you enjoy your experience of them!

Vertue Box was founded by a former Makeup Artist, Laila Sanderson, who after being diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder, started to lead a healthier, greener lifestyle, inside and out. The subscription is bi-monthly (in the one box every two months kind of way!) delivered at the end of February, April, June, August, October and December and costs £37.

As a green business through and through,  Vertue Box choose the most ethical and natural brands and packaging, and also donate 10% of profits to charity.

What Was Inside My Vertue Box?

I must say that if I had bought the box for £30 I would be incredibly impressed with the contents!

One product I had tried before and love: Madara Multi-Action Micellar Water with Hyaluronic Acid RRP £14

The rest were all on my radar but I had not yet tried:

Madara Become Organic Exfoliating Oil-To-Milk Scrub – sample size 12.5ml (60ml full size RRP £24 so for the purpose of this size let’s say this sample is worth £5)

Madara Time Miracle Trial Set – £1

Nailberry Oxygenated Nail Lacquer in Silver Lining – RRP £17

Au Naturale Powder Shadow in Black Ice – RRP £12

Wild Nutrition Food-Grown Vitamin D – £10 (Wild Nutrition have since reformulated to have the 1000iu dose in one capsule)

That’s a total value of £59! For £30, which represents a 50% reduction.

For more information, or to subscribe to your Vertue Box, click here.

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