Besides from our visit to the Dalyan Mud Baths (not forgetting turtle beach!) the only other excursion we went on was to Fethiye, a market town which sadly has become a bit of a tat-selling tourist trap.  I had a run-in with one of these tat sellers, however, he should have thought twice before trying to catch me out. After telling me he would give me a free gift, I haggled him down on the piece of jewellery I did really (sort of) want.  He accepted but then tried to remove the anklet he had gifted me.  I was having none of it, and I left with two bits of two bob jewellery, one of which broke whilst in Turkey! Both have remained in my bedside cabinet since our return…..  The market at Fethiye still has one worthwhile site, a hall where all the locals come to see their produce, and the local shoppers to buy it.

The main attraction nearby to Fethiye is the Kaya Village, or Ghost Town, called so because it is near empty. In 1923 when the Ottoman empire came to an end, it was agreed that all Greeks would leave Turkey and return to Greece, and vice versa. The Greeks had to leave very quickly, and most left almost all their possessions in their homes, as they believed that they would be granted permission to return to the town soon enough.  However, this was not so and the houses were looted by the Turks.  The Turks generally did not like the idea of living in a house that used to be owned by Greek people, and so the majority remained empty to this day.

Wandering around, our guide pointed out a couple of houses that were inhabited (can you guess which one is in the main image for the post? Hint: look for the flowers!), but the majority of buildings in the hills had fallen into ruin.  At the bottom of the hill, was a restaurant where guests could pay an extortionate amount a camel ride (Egypt perhaps but in Turkey?!) I chose to enjoy the delicious local cuisine and befriend a couple of dogs for free.